Modsy is here

Copy of Living room emptyOne of the things that I love about what I do is the people I meet.  I am fortunate to sit in a spot where I get to meet the entrepreneurs, the angels and the VC’s.  I met Shanna Tellerman when she was at Google Ventures.  When she came through NYC we had breakfast.  I loved her energy, her smarts and her passion for building businesses.  She had already built and sold a company and ended up on the other side of the fence as an investor.

Copy of Living room after straight viewOnce an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, and Shanna decided it was time to build another company capitalizing on the skills she already had in 3D design.  I would have backed anything she did….and so I am an investor and supporter of Modsy.  They launched today.

Copy of Living room beforeLeveraging 3D modeling, Modsy is transforming the way customers shop for their home.  It isn’t that seamless taking a couch home to try on.  In fact it isn’t easy to take anything home from a chair to a carpet to a piece of art on your wall but through Modsy you can imagine all the possibilities with their visualization tools. All these photos shows what you can do by taking an empty room with different angles and put in various designs and pieces.  They have spent plenty of time in Beta before launching it to the world to make sure it is user friendly.

When Shanna told me what she was going to build I thought it was pretty genius.  Nobody is better suited than her to build this.  Check it out today.

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  1. christine zehner

    Shanna was my intern at a gallery on the upper east side when she was in college – it was clear then that she was going to strive for success in everything she set her mind too.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I completely forgot she was in the art world. Sharp mind

    2. Shanna Tellerman

      Christine – oh my! I’ve thought about you so often. One of the best summers of my life! How are you and working at the gallery was so inspirational, art is so important and being surrounded by beautiful things every day that summer left is mark.

      1. cz

        Proud of you! Yes we really were lucky to spend our days with Twombly’s and Rothko’s and Joan Mitchell paintings!!!

  2. Pranay Srinivasan

    Shanna was at GV in 2014 when we finished 500 Startups and I remember our call was one of the best chats with a later stage VC.. Was pleasantly surprised to see shes a GGV founder!