imagesRestaurants come and stay for a long time and others come and end shortly.  There are a few that I still wish were open.  One of them is Tabla.  Tabla had a funky layout.  There was the main restaurant upstairs with a large circular staircase making its way up there creating a round room that was difficult to navigate and create intimacy.  It lasted probably longer than it should have.  Yet the bread room downstairs was the bar with a different menu.  The food was delicious and very few chefs have been able to create that kind of Indian food again.

imgresThe chef, Floyd Cardoz, has returned to his roots with Paowalla.  It is the bread bar coming back to life with Floyd running the full ship.  The food is delicious.  They are still working on the front room coordination with the back room but that will come with time.  He has a team who has come from well run restaurants around the city.  I will definitely come back for another round.

breadcutneyWe began with Sourdough Naan and a mixture of chutneys.  The food comes pretty quickly out of the back after you have sat down and ordered.  The bread is delicious and so are the chutneys.  I wish the chutney servings were just a tad larger.  We opted for a tasting of mango, spicy chili and tamarind.

fishThis pink plate is fluke ceviche.  Green mango, hearts of palm and Kokum Saar.

shrimpBlack pepper shrimp made in the Tandoor with a tad of lime juice over the top.

squashblossomsSquash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese with a ketchup sauce on the side.  I always think of squash blossoms as an Italian dish.  This is really different and good.

shisioChick pea flour covered shishito peppers served in a salad of cilantro and peanuts.

chickentikiThis chicken dish was my favorite.  The chicken was so flavorful and juicy.  Curry leaf chicken tikka served with a lemon chutney.

eggplantWe had a side of eggplant that was roasted, cut into pieces, crispy and soft.  A winner.

ribsThe ribs were perfectly cooked.  Pork Ribs Vindaloo with ginger, garlic and vinegar.

All and all the meal was really good.  Didn’t taste garlicky to me at all but definitely felt it a tad the next day but regardless I will be back.  Nobody else is doing Indian quite like Floyd.  The bar is long and welcoming too.  Even if you just come by for some naan, chutney and a few shrimp it is worth the stop.  My guess is he will be there for quite a long time.  The restaurant before was there for about 25 years.  It is a blessed corner.

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  1. Pranay Srinivasan

    OH MY GOD – So many feels!! “Paowalla” is an expression from my childhood when the guy who sold unleavened bread in loaves 12s and 8s would pack them in a bag on a handlebar of a cycle he would ride around the neighborhood, yelling “Paowalla” and my mom would yell out, “6 dena (hindi for give)” and he’d stop, break out 6 from the loaf and hand them over.”Paowalla” was also an expression of endearing mirth with people from Goa because they would bake this bread and eat it with spicy sorpotel – All goan catholics ended up being called “Paowallas” – I guess Floyd Cardoz is from Portugese descent and grew up in Goa or a city with strong Goan roots.I so wanna visit this place now. On my list.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I believe he has roots from Goa

      1. Pranay Srinivasan

        Yep, researched him online – born in Mumbai to Goan parents – He also started Bombay Canteen a year ago which is one of Mumbai’s most famous restaurants in recent times..