imgres-1For Josh’s last hurrah before taking off for school we went to Rebelle for dinner.  I have been to Pearl & Ash next door (same owners) but this is was our first trip to Rebelle.  Josh takes food seriously so it was fun to go there with him.  We ordered a bunch of different plates and discussed them all.

The room is bigger than I expected so maybe 100 seats.  The whole vibe in their is soothing and minimalist.  The walls look and feel like concrete but they aren’t so although the coloring is there the material softens the room.  Each of the waitstaff wars a light blue/grey button down shirt so they almost blend into the walls.

comteThe plates are for the table, appetizer and main but all meant to share.  We began with Comte.  Comte is a cheese.  They must take a huge roll of this cheese and slowly pull the cheese off to form into a round curl.   Very creative and good.

hamWe paired that with ham.  This was more gristly than I was expecting but flavorful.

anchoviesThe anchovies were excellent.  A hint of orange zest mixed with the olive oil makes the dish light yet zesty.

Our next course was a variety of the appetizers.  Beef tartare with sunchoke, horseradish and garlic.

scallopsSeared scallops set in between sliced yellow and green squash with a touch of basil.

sushiCured fluke in brown butter.  The brown butter really takes it to another level.

beetsRoasted red and golden beets with fennel and chervil.

leeksSmall pieces of leeks that melt in your mouth with pieces of hard boiled egg over the top, a dijon dressing and leek ash.

chickenWe had two mains.  Half a de-boned roasted chicken with confit potato and lemon preserve.  It is made for two.

vealVeal Porterhouse with Kennebec potato that were like a gnocchi.

We bagged dessert but completely enjoyed ourselves.  The food was good.  It is not an easy place to go back to again and again but I believe that they continue to change the menu which makes sense.  Have to wait for the next selection of plates.

juliaNice touch downstairs on the doors of the bathrooms.  One is Julia Child.

pouponThe other is James Beard.

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  1. awaldstein

    I know them through their wine program and do winemaker dinners there now and again. For that they are great.They also do this thing called (I think) chef’s table where they have a table for 6 that is reserved and served by the chef with a special menu. Super smart and great fun.Enjoy!