Take Me I’m Yours

The Jewish Museum raised money on Kickstarter for an installation called Take Me I’m Yours.   42 Artists participated in the show creating over 400,000+ artworks for people to take with them keeping up with the concept art for all.

bagelsWe backed the show which gave us early access and a nice spread from Russ and Daughters.

freestoreThis piece is in the lobby by Jonathan Horowitz.

presidentsWe will receive one of these posters when the show closes.  The black piece at the end of the poster did say Hillary Clinton but they had to block it out because non-profit organizations (such as the Jewish Museum) can not show any political affiliations or they would be in danger of losing their 5013C status.  This is also a piece by Jonathan Horowitz.

tomorrowbetterPlease God by Claire Fontaine reflecting that blind faith may be the only way to feed hope.

candiesThe show was a nod to the artist Feliz Gonzalez-Torres whose piece which is an endless supply of tiny red, silver and blue candies that can be installed however one wants (this piece is on loan from the Met).

giftThere were a variety of posters throughout that were descriptions of words from #Gift, #Economy, #Market.

yokoAir dispensers by Yoko Ono for 25 cents.  Commodifying consumable products around vital oxygen.

ribbonsPolitical Ribbons by Andrea Bowers

lemonadeLemonade Cans by Adriana Martinez

coffeetopsAll different coffee tops to go in ceramic by Uri Aran.

tzedah#Tzedakah, the Hebrew word is justice and within the Jewish tradition it is about an act of giving.

cardsMonument to the People We’ve Completely Forgotten by Herman Chong.  Black business cards.

fortunecookiesFortune cookies by Rachel Rose and Ian Chang.  There are 50 different sayings inside these so the odds are you all get a different one when you go with a group.  Randomly my fortune said “the future is female”.

Great show.  Highly recommend going.  It is especially great for kids.

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  1. cz

    Great show – thank you for supporting it!!! I believe that the artist collective’s name is Claire Fontaine (not fenton): )

    1. Gotham Gal

      oops…will fix!

  2. panterosa,

    We saw the show last weekend, even though our primary destination was my fave Roberto Burle Marx. Did you see that as well? And the superb Sargent portrait?We enjoyed Take Me I’m Yours, including my teen. It raised interesting consumer issues for her age group. The idea of free stuff, which is cool, and from an art show is sort of irresistible. Except that is part of the main complaint of the show highlighting materialism and throw away culture. But it raised a good discussion.The air from Yoko was the perfect counterpoint.