The future got here fast

imgres-1As usual when I take a deep dive into the September magazines I pull out pages that I am interested in. Once I have completed reading all the magazines,  I take my pile that I have essentially earmarked and begin to do research on line.

I am hoping for the day when I get just touch the specific item on the page and more information pops-up out of the magazine in large 3D form hovering in the air in front of me.  I can then put it on my 3D body and see how it looks.  Of course there is someone to chat with who can communicate out loud so I do not need to return to my magazine or get on a device to text.  I can make a purchase or pass.  If I pass then the product just evaporates into the air and my interaction with that page is over….poof!

A few years ago we are were at an event and watched a presentation around a device that they referred to at Rosie the Robot.  It was like watching an episode of the Jetson’s.   The founder commented that this product is not so far away from reality.

There have been countless times over the last few decades where Fred and I have wanted a device, or believe that we should be able to do something one way and have been told that we aren’t there yet.  We are thinking in the future but perhaps not as forward as Rosie the Robot.

Then a young woman who I met a few years ago sent me something that made me really take pause.  She is an entrepreneur through and through.  I saw her first idea come to life that I wasn’t sure if it had an audience but it was really smart.  She showed me her second idea which I am not a big fan of.  She also included a short series she is working on.  The series is set in the future.  What struck me is how she believes we will be communicating in the future.  She is in her mid-20’s, extremely bright and creative, and is a forward thinker so her vision of the future is probably more in line with reality than mine.  I was blown away.

Technology is moving us forward at lightening speed.  Much quicker than most of us thought.  I could point to more than a handful of examples but I won’t.  Change is one of the underlying fears that we are seeing played out in this election.  It isn’t talked about but the anger and the angst is all directly tied to fear of the unknown future.

The future is here…and it is gaining speed.


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  1. Mario Cantin

    It’s poised to really exponentially take off. Let’s put on our seat belts.

    1. Gotham Gal

      For sure!