WeFestival LA is cancelled

unnamedIt is with a heavy heart, we bring you this sad news. Unfortunately, WeFestival can only sustain itself with sponsor support. And while we had fabulous, supportive sponsors for our April event in NYC — this time around we could not get the backing required to put on the event we all cherish.

That said, we aren’t finished with the fight just yet. We are currently working on alternative forms of support that would allow the organization and our events to continue. We love WeFestival — as many of you do too — and are hoping we can find the means to forge ahead. We‘ll keep you posted as we have news to share.

To all those who have supported WeFestival through the years, a BIG THANK YOU from us. Your excitement and passion for WeFestival has truly inspired us.

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  1. awaldstein

    Damn!I believe from talking to people who have attended on my advice, that this festival needs to be.

    1. Gotham Gal