Why now?

imgresI believe in data and statistics.

In Texas, one of the worst states when it comes to taking care of the underserved, now allows students to carry guns on campus.  Students have not been allowed to carry arms on college campuses for the past 200 years so why now?   Is there some research that I missed that shows how carrying a handgun will make the campus a safer place?  Don’t we have a police force in Texas?  Although not perfect we do have people who are there to protect citizens and abide by the law.

Allowing 18-22 year olds to openly carry a gun on campus just seems like a recipe for disaster.  What is shocking is that they can’t drink but they can carry a gun.  I can’t imagine how uncomfortable the majority of students are seeing someone walk around the quad with a gun shoved down the front of their pants or hanging out in their backpack.  People are getting killed who are carrying guns but aren’t they allowed to carry a gun?  Makes no sense to me.

Anger and stupidity can boil up into something that one can regret later particularly at a young age.  You can’t say you are sorry after you have killed someone in a fit of anger.

Our country has been taken over by the NRA.  The statistics directly point to the fact that we are safer now that we were 20 years ago.  Perhaps we have more access to media so we see more things than we saw before but we are safer.  Access to guns particularly on college campuses just makes zero sense.


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  1. Rohan

    Of course this makes sense, Joanne. If a crazy student shooter came in carrying a gun, all the other students would make use of their reflexes, jump behind a near by barrier, and defend themselves by engaging in a shoot out with the rogue gun man.Now, even the best trained operatives are probably not capable of reacting that fast. But, no matter. That’s how it should work.And, besides, it makes us feel free and ensures we can take on the government if things go out of hand in Washington.Fascinating argument.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I believe nobody should be able to carry a gun unless they have a hunting license and are properly vetted.

      1. LE

        My brother in law is a jeweler and has a gun which is kept at the house. Honestly I was always worried for my sister and nieces. I don’t have any idea of how he stores it or where it is etc. Never even asked him about it. If I read this post when it came out I would have asked him last night at Rosh dinner about it.When I was younger I remember a quasi mentor (A guy whose son is a famous chef now, Marc Vetri) telling me that he got a gun. I remember specifically him saying to me “I like the look and feel of a gun”.Exactly the opposite of the way I feel I have no desire for a gun and don’t like anything about it.I guess it’s just the way we are raised.

  2. pointsnfigures

    Sometimes solutions to problems are totally counterintuitive. I share your concern about gun violence. Banning guns doesn’t work. Restricting them doesn’t work. I live in Chicago. There was a shooting in front of my apartment last week. http://pointsandfigures.com… There have been over 3000 people wounded this year. We have had highly restrictive gun laws, the most restrictive in the country. It hasn’t worked.If you think in terms of game theory, (Prisoners Dilemma), does the solution to the problem look different? How do we reach Nash equilibrium? Maybe arming everyone creates that situation.I don’t think there are easy answers here. Clearly, the issue is more than just guns since most of the shooting in Chicago is done with unregistered guns by thugs who really don’t care what law is in print. If we got rid of drug laws, would it change? If we changed other public policy that has contributed to the destruction of nuclear families, would it change?I know that when I am in the wilderness, I certainly feel safer with a firearm. I know law enforcement cannot get there if I am in trouble. In the heavily urban area where I live, they might be able to. Many places we go don’t have cell service, and are pretty remote.My daughters have a very large dog that lives with them. That hopefully is enough of a deterrent.For gun owners, I believe in education. If you learn a lot about how they operate, you tend to respect them and use them for what they were intended for. I think you ought to have to show you are mentally stable. When I was in Texas, I shot all kinds of weapons with ex-military people. It was a great experience. http://pointsandfigures.com… I learned a lot.

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Should be great for gun sales in Texas.

    1. pointsnfigures

      If the college kids are from Texas, odds are pretty good they already own a gun. My daughter went to Ole Miss and many of her male friends had plenty of guns and ammo on campus. They’d duck/dove/quail hunt on the weekends. No problems……