A divided nation

imgresWe are a large nation.  I have been to almost all 52 states.  I believe the one state that I have not been to is Kansas.  The diversity through this country is huge on so many levels from homes to beliefs to food to education to weather to topography to religion.  Some states are so big that the difference in the south vs the north or the east vs the west can be culturally different.

Technology has transformed the world.  It has united us all from one end of the world to another.  We can’t go back just like you can’t give up your cellphone or give up your debit card (well perhaps we won’t even have cash in the future so debit cards will disappear).  We are moving forward as humans always have.  We are an evolving race.

What is the most disturbing thing to me through this Presidential campaign is how divided we are as a nation.  I respect other people’s beliefs and we should all be courteous to each other regardless of where we each stand but somehow in this election there has been such anger and disrespect that is extremely disheartening and scary.  The anger that has reared its ugly head started when Obama became President and I believe that goes straight to the heart of racism.

The chances are insanely high that we will have moved from a black President for 8 years to a female President for the next 4 or perhaps 8.  That is incredible and it is also says that we have moved forward as a nation not backward.  Yet there is such division in this country that is tied to fear of the future.  Fear of a country where everyone is equal, fear of a place where we have a changing work force due to technology, fear of a flat world but the biggest fear is acknowledging and embracing a world where people don’t believe in what they believe in because they look different or come from somewhere different.

We will move forward.  Our country will live differently 10 years from now than we do today. That is reality.  Change always wins and the future looks pretty bright.  We won’t return to the past.  We can agree to disagree but the division in this country is unsettling.  Not sure where we go from here but I do hope that after this election is over that our Government and ourselves take a deep look at some of the past behavior because after all our constitution does begin with the words….WE THE PEOPLE.