Mexico City, Day 3

What an amazing day!  We started early…that would be 9am…and went over to the Coyoacan neighborhood.  It was a toss up between Le Merced Mercardo and the Coyoacan Mercado.  Le Merced is an assault to your senses so we opted to be a little more mellow and went with Coyoacan which ended up being a brilliant call.

We got there early (10am) and realized that not enough of the stalls had opened so we strolled over to Cafe Sabor y Roma de Coyoacan where the hot chocolate is off the charts.  Oldest in the area.  This is a grinder.  The chocolate comes either cold, warm or hot.  We opted for warm.  Luscious warm chocolate with hints of cinnamon.  Not a bad way to start the day.

chorizDown the street is a churreria.  Sugar and chocolate go well together.

moleWe strolled around the neighborhood and through the beautiful park.  They had an event in the park where people brought in their wares from outside of the city.  I tasted a few of these moles which were incredible.  I wish I could package these and take them home.

churchThe church that overlooks the park is 500 years old.  Impressive.

fountainInside the park is this fountain of dogs that represent Coyoacan.

sanbornsHad to walk into Sanborns.  Sanborns is the department store all around the city.

chocolateAs we walked down one of the streets we passed this chocolate store.  The front is completely the opposite in feel and look vs this little jewel box of a chocolate shop inside.

kahloHad to do a stop at Frida Kahlo’s house.  The grounds are beautiful.  Many of Kahlos and Riveras works are inside.  She was born and died in this house.  Costs extra to take photos inside so opted out.

chicken-tortNow the fun begins.  We returned to the market and began to eat.  The first stop was at Tostadas La Chaparrita.  They had pork, chicken, beef, fish and more for a tostado.  We tasted a bunch of things and settled on the pulled spicy chicken.  It was honestly just the most perfect tostado.  Price – $2.

aquasGrabbed a drink next door.

porkmeatThe market also has vegetable stands and butchers.  This guy is carving up the skin off the pig.

chickenThen we went to Vicky’s.  What I loved about this place is that all the locals outside and people who work in the market had their meal there.  She has a pot of rice that had to be 3 feet tall.  The meal of the day was rice, chicken and a spicy mole sauce.  This was unbelievable…for a mere $2.

mushroomsNext stop was Quesadilla’s Lucia.  A mushroom cheese fried open taco.  Wow.  $1.

guyLast was Haraches & Quesadillas Carmelita.  This guy was working the grill.

soupplaceWe had enough but this pic gives you can idea of what all these places look like.  Big pots of food ready to quickly serve up a meal.

kurimanztoOff to the galleries.  Kurimanzutto Gallery that has an incredible space.  There happens to be a sweet little restaurant across the street that looks delicious too.

panderiaBack to the Roma neighborhood where we walked around.  Decided it was coffee time and stopped by Panaderia which is the bakery of Rosetta, a restaurant in the neighborhood.

bunsThis little treat was incredible.  They are connected.  The cream inside the one on the right was like a dense flan.

amadorCentro de Cultura Casa Lamm is beautiful inside the gate.  There is a restaurant and a gallery.  Amador Montes is the artist from Oaxaca.

courtyardProyectos Monclova is an incredible gallery and the space is beautiful.  They had an installation of two artists and we were really drawn to Eduardo Terrazas.  He is an architect now an artist.

pieceI love this piece.  It is of wrapped strings.

canidahoferHad a few other stops in between that aren’t worth mentioning but the new Galeria OMR space is.  This artist, Candida Hofer has taken photos of spaces all through Mexico.

porkWe went back to our hotel for a quick refresh and then back out to meet our daughters and their boyfriends for dinner.  They came too and tonight is the one night we are all here together.  Happens to be my bday so I am thrilled they are here.  We met for a drink and then walked over to Azul Condessa.  We split everything.  This was a pulled pork taco.

shrimpThis shrimp was my favorite.  We did have the grasshopper guacamole.  Hmm.  Earthy and crunchy.  Not my thing.

aAnd then a happy birthday and to bed.  Pretty much a perfect day…just missing Josh.




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