Old school ways do not work anymore

imgresPerhaps I live too much in the future but there seems to be this push/pull between a new world and an old world in so many different aspects of business.

I could go on and on about the retail space.  I have written about this countless times.  The concept of buying the same merchandise as everyone else and then marking it down to draw in the customer stopped working quite awhile ago.  It is time for a new look, a new concept and a total overhaul of department stores.  Thinking that maybe tomorrow will be better is not a good look.

There is a reason that people are drawn to more authentic blogs or podcasts.  They aren’t perceived as tools to draw in people.  The concept of branding is well known so if you want to draw in a customer than you have to be clever.  Celebrities are big pulls but are they going to be as strong as real people, entrepreneurs, who have figured out to gain an audience over the next few years?

Sponsorships.  Old school thoughts on branding companies names to large organizations vs spreading it out to small meaningful opportunities.  Might be harder to execute on but perhaps that is a new way of thinking that could be worthy too.

Just like styles change from clothing to interior design, the thought process around businesses that are no longer working or doing the same thing that they have done for the past 10 plus years has to change too…otherwise they will die.

The future is here with new customers, new engagement, new priorities, new likes, new styles, new everything.  It happens every new generation.  We are full on in the midst of the newest generation and it will all change again in ten years.  That is reality.  Sometimes what is old is new again and sometimes it is not.  Change is good.  It keeps everyone on their toes.