the importance of rest

imagesThere has been so much written about the importance of sleep and that includes vacation for ones health.  It is also important for ones brain.

I see so many founders never take a breath.  Their minds are racing around their businesses.  Nothing else comes between them and their business.  I get it.  There is fear of failure and fear of missing out.  The reality is that taking off time, taking a nap, having a solid nights sleep makes all the difference in the world.

Granted we are at a different stage of our lives but after taking off last week (although we are never fully off) we have both come back with a whole new attitude.  New ideas, better frame of mind and a serious attitude adjustment.

I definitely wake up with the carpe diem attitude every day but when I sleep or rest or take time off it is amazing how much more gets done.


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  1. William Mougayar

    Yup. Agreed. If you don’t seize the day,it will slip away.Enough sleep is my golden rule. Quality of sleep is important too. They say 25% R.E.M. is target.

  2. Mario Cantin

    “Carpe Diem”. I didn’t know that one — it sounds scholarly.Due to my business being seasonal, I’ve pretty much always been off in the winters. I’m now already off this year until next March or so.People often ask me with an incredulous look on their face what do I do being off so long every year, as if there was something wrong with that lifestyle choice.This year for example, I’m writing a science fiction book and composing and producing a music album to go with it, while also keeping abreast of the tech industry, studying science and computing, playing music, reading, exercising, spending quality time with my wife, fixing things around the condo, etc., etc.That time off every year is when I get to recharge my batteries, and it makes me feel like I’m living something other than a mere rat race. And so I endorse it strongly.

  3. JLM

    .I just got back from a penance in Mexico. In the Land of Manana, they know how to rest.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    1. LE

      Otoh wouldn’t hold up the country of Mexico as an example of a place which has made notable worldly advances in any key areas. (Just like those places that are on ‘island time’).

  4. LE

    Lack of sleep is actually one of my theories on why Trump has gotten wackier than ever. Honestly I think this plays into his current self control issues as well as what comes out of his mouth and how he reacts to things. I think the combination of stress, schedule and that he has generally bragged about not needing as much sleep as others has tilted him more than it ever has in the past. And caused his judgement to go off the charts.having a solid nights sleep makes all the difference in the world.Honestly the key to my ability to perfectly control my appetite and weight (everyone would totally be jealous I will brag right here and now about this) is all rooted in making sleep a number one priority in my life.

  5. LE

    I see so many founders never take a breath. Their minds are racing around their businesses. Nothing else comes between them and their business.Back when I started my first business, right after graduating from college, I didn’t surface for maybe 5 or 6 years. Worked 7 days a week. (Still kind of do actually now). Back then though it was necessary. Worked long and hard to get the “big customer(s)” and couldn’t afford to lose them. Only reason I took off at that point was a) I had met a girl and she insisted b) I had a manager that could run things in my place. c) I had traded for some travel and all expense were in a sense paid. In retrospect I am going to say that I did worked like that because of all of the reasons that you mentioned but also because it didn’t bother me to do so either. I enjoyed it and just wanted to cover all bases and have less of a chance of something going wrong. In retrospect at the time it was the right way to do it as well.The problem isn’t that people don’t take time off. The problem is not everyone is suited for a lifestyle that doesn’t allow taking time off and can’t take the stress of doing so. Not everyone is impacted in the same way by the same activities and demands. I am sure there aren’t many restaurant owners that aren’t around on Saturday night to make sure everything is done perfectly.

  6. Pranay Srinivasan

    As I get older, I appreciate this more and more. And the realization that listening to your body isn’t a bad thing is profound for me this year.As I travel more, I feel it more. As I feel it more, I try and take mini-breaks wherever I can. 6 hours, a weekend, 1 day, 4 hours, power naps, massages..The stress, the crises, the problems, the issues never go away. But your health, your vitality does. I am slowing down only to go faster.

    1. Gotham Gal

      slowing down to go faster. i like that.

  7. pointsnfigures

    I need sleep. Cubs late games and the anxiety is killing me.