Will this election create a whole new generation of different politicians?

imgresWe keep reading about the impact that this election has made on children.  Anything from children lashing out at others to calling someone out in a racist way.  We hear kids feeling unsettling about the election.  Kids who say that if they bullied someone like Trump has that they would end up in the Principals office.  I have heard it from parents and I have read it in multiple places.  Makes you wonder what the effect this election is having on kids.

Here is what I hope.  This generation of 7th graders who are discussing politics in history class will go on to be wiser, better people who rise up above the fray and hopefully some will go into politics and behave as a politician should.  Honest to the people, more transparency in their Government (as much as you can), willing to work with the other side, putting the people you represent first vs the power that you yield by staying in office. Rethinking how politics should work in this country for generations to come.  Bringing civility back to politics.  Taking a full on down/up look at how money is behind politics from helping people win to favors.  Creating term limits so that the impact is made in doses not wielding power for eternity.  I am not so sure politics should be a life long career when you hold an office.

Enough said.  I am a believer when we get to the bottom of something then change comes.  As a country we are incredibly entrepreneurial and we are always evolving.  I believe in the future of this country and more than anything I believe in the next generations ability to always fix the mistakes of the last.  That is what keeps our country humming.