Cyber-Monday Shopping!

imgresThe season is here.  Turkey is gone and the holiday begins.  Here are a few sites that I will be doing my holiday shopping. In full transparency…I am an investor in them all but they are also all fantastic!

Swoonery   Beautiful jewelry that you can’t get anywhere else.  Concierge service so you can shop with confidence.  Get 15% off with the code CYBERSWOON15

MahZeDahr Bakery  Order now and they ship later.  The most delicious baked goods that are truly off the charts.

Vinepair  Perfect products for the drinking gang.  use the code GOTHAMGAL to get 10% off.

JewelBots  The friendship bracelet that teaches your kids how to code.  Limited supplies to get them now!

ArloSkye  Luggage for the design-obsessed in your life.

Artlifting  Paintings, photos, iPhone cases, posters and more all made by artists facing homelessness and disabilities.

Parachute  Gifts for the home lovers in your life.

20X200  Art editions for any one in your life.

Food52  A curated store for the home, the kitchen and more.  Get great recipes for the holidays too!

Mouth  Indy food products that can keep on giving with amazing monthly gifts from bourbon to bacon.  CODEMonday20

littleBits   Legos for the Ipad generation.  25% off The Top STEM Kit For Inventor Kids 8+.  discount code CYBER2016

Naja  Beautiful lingerie making a social impact empowering Columbia women who are making the products.

Willa  Skincare for the young woman in your life.

Educents  A market of unique and innovative education products.

RicksPicks  What is a season without savory condiments?

PhinandPhebes  All of your ice cream needs

SweetLorens  A few healthy cookies to keep the holidays real.

Othr  3D printing of beautiful items for the house

Comments (Archived):

  1. kirklove

    That’s a great list of companies. Kudos to you and those teams.

    1. Gotham Gal

      go SHOP!

      1. kirklove

        I sent it to Lili. As if she needs encouragement in this department 😉

      2. kirklove

        Got Bean a Jewelbot. She’s prob too young still… but I couldn’t wait. 🙂

        1. Gotham Gal


  2. William Mougayar

    …which reminds me I need to make a trip to Mah Ze Dahr at my next NYC visit! It’s a great list indeed.

    1. Gotham Gal

      A must

  3. awaldstein

    nicely done by all the teams!doing shopping tonight and so far, towels are on the list but maybe there are some more coming below.thanks

    1. Gotham Gal

      Parachute has GREAT towels!