artWe were supposed to leave for Paris on Tuesday evening but decided we should postpone our trip by one day to see history.  Not the history we hoped to happen.  Instead we woke up on Wednesday morning and decided not to leave but to stay close to home.  This painting really looked different today than it did a week ago.

On Wednesday we were just numb.  We managed to get out of the apartment and return to the Met Breuer.  The Kerry James Marshall exhibit is one that I could go back to several times.  This was my second.  Marshall is just an incredible artist whose art gives deep meaning and insight into his life as a black American.  Eye opening and inspiring pre-election when I first saw the show and upsetting and not as hopeful seeing it post-election.

moreartThis is untitled.  An ode to the job of an artist.

anotherStill Life Wedding Portrait.


loveCould This be Love.

imgresFor dinner we decided to go check out Chumleys.  Chumleys has been under construction for a long time after a wall collapsed destroying the speakeasy bar.  The place looks amazing.  Whoever was the designer behind the curation of art work down to the bar deserves a serious round of applause.  The menu does zero for us.  Small and not that interesting. In the end we had a drink at the bar and left to dine elsewhere.  The manager asked us why we chose to not eat there and we were honest.  Not a great menu that inspired us to stay.  Let’s hope someone works on that because the new Chumleys has a pretty sweet vibe going on.

We walked home after dinner seeing a city upset and in shock.  Hoped that the next day would be better.

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  1. Tracey Jackson

    It all sucks the air right out of you…

  2. JAJones

    I’m definitely stopping in for a drink at Chumley’s when I’m back for the holidays. Glad they finally cut through all the red tape and managed to open …it was years in the making.