Miami Basel…

I went to Basel in 2006 with a friend.  This year I returned with Fred.  We expect to see a lot of art and do a lot of sweating.  I spent a major part of my life in the DC area where I thought I had got used to the humidity but I was wrong.   The heat and humidity down here is seriously overwhelming.

damienWe are staying at the Faena.  Have to love this huge Damien Hirst piece that sits outside en route to the pool and beach in the back of the hotel.

viewWe did not hit up the art the first night but went to dinner at Juvia.  The food is mediocre at best but the views are nice and sitting outside is nicer.

alexkatzAfter dins we strolled through the promenade where all the big name shops are.  H&M was gearing up for their Alex Katz collaboration.

mebabyIn the morning we hit the town early.  Our first stop was the Rubell Family Collection.  I love what they have done and continue to do.  They collect work from emerging artists and go deep in those artists.  They bring some of them down to Miami to create work in large spaces that the artists don’t have access to.  Then they share this work with the world. This piece is by Jennifer Rubell.  It isn’t light!

booksThey are in the process of building a museum to house their works.  Not only do they have physical arts they also have an insane collection of art books.

bigpieceI took so many pics there including videos.  This one is by John Williams.

birdThis is Jesse Mockrin.

beerCady Noland.  All those cans are Budweisers.

humanhairHuman hair by Solange Pessoa.  The collection is vast.  I found this a bit creepy.

streetWe walked around the area over to Panther coffeeshop.  We were told how the neighborhood has completely transformed since the Rubell’s put their mark here.  It is gritty and cool.

terraniumStopped in Plant the Future on the way there.  Loved this store.  My Mom had a plant store in the 70’s in Georgetown when that was a big trend.  Nice to see this come back in a new way.

coffeeHad a serious cup of coffee, a flat white, en route to the Margulies Collection.  One of the four major private collections in Miami.

danflavinThe works here tend to be more mature artists vs the Rubell collection.  This is a really fantastic Dan Flavin.

beachAfter this we made our way over to the Untitled Show.  It is one of the many shows in Miami.  I really like this one because most of the art shown is galleries that represent emerging artists.  The tent sits on the beach so the light is incredible and it wasn’t so crowded  Very civilized.

ceramicsThese pieces by Joakim Ojanen were at the Richard Heller Gallery.

seanmickaThis was by Sean Micka.  He paints pieces from auction books.  Really interesting historical context.  Those books come and go and the pieces live in another person’s life until they are perhaps sold again.

architectpiecesArchitectual pieces by Juan Carlos Delagado

matthewstoneReally love these two pieces at the Hole.  This one is Matthew Stone.

whitepieceThis is Joe Reihsen.

dresserThere is a lot more video art these days.  More of these artists are doing videos and also surrounding the piece with either photos or objects.  This artist, Mary Reid Kelley, is a video artist and this particular piece was part of one of her sets.

coconutEnough art for the day.  I hit the pool and did a little R&R with my coconut.

phucyeaOut for dinner with friends who have a place here.  We went to Phuc Yea, a Vietnamese place.  Food was quite good.  We had a huge table with a lazy suzy in the middle for sharing.

chickenwingsMy favorite was the chicken wings.

Off to bed for another full on day of art.

Comments (Archived):

  1. William Mougayar

    So much variety in Basel. I just checked their iPhone App that’s well done.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Impressive production

  2. CCjudy

    Where is Basel? I was thinking Switzerland and that would not be warm. The art is marvelous! Thank u as usual for your generosity J

    1. Gotham Gal

      Started in Switzerland. Many satellites

  3. pointsnfigures

    They say the Miami side of Florida is less beastly because of the “breezes”. I am not sure about that. To me the whole place is God’s Waiting Room. I love the painting of the hand and bird. Reminds me of my kids.

  4. Lisa Abeyta

    We were in the Wynwood district of Miami for a couple of days in 2015 for a summit. Loved the street art and culture in the revitalized district there. We didn’t have time to tour – your post inspires me to go back as a tourist! Love the John Williams piece in your post.

    1. Gotham Gal

      The area we were strolling around is the Winwood area.

      1. Lisa Abeyta

        I wondered – the art and revitalization there is wonderful – economic mobility without losing culture and place.

  5. LE

    We are staying at the Faena.You can walk the ‘boardwalk’ all the way up to the Fontainblue.If you get up to Bal Harbour shops area try Makoto