Podcast Monday is the new theme

I am going to start posting podcasts on Monday like I used to post entrepreneur of the week.  This time instead of reading the piece you can listen.  20 minute sound bites.

This one is Just Build with Nancy Lublin.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Lisa Abeyta

    Excited for your podcasts! Just shared this one in our Hautepreneurs network so the women there can discover this series as well. I first heard Nancy speak at the Personal Democracy Forum there in NYC in 2015. Inspiring woman entrepreneur building an inspiring organization.

  2. Matt Kruza

    Quick comment / also general question. I loved your entrepreneurial profiles, exposing us to successful and unique women entrepreneurs. I will almost certainly never listen to a podcast because 20 minutes is too big of a comittiment (given other life constraints). Before I could skim in 1-3 minutes and if the person really interested me I would read again and/or look up their website etc. Not saying this to complain personally, but I think in generally podcasts are often a bad format for this reason (you read 3x faster usually and can also skim / skip sections). Curious how other people feel about this (if you have a long commute or like podcasts when working out i see the use case). Other alternative is there an easy video to transcript utility so that one can be auto-generated for someone to read? EIther way good luck with the podcasts!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I kept them short for the quick commute. The writing ended up being something that I just got burnt on. It was time for a new medium.

      1. awaldstein

        i applaud this direction!

    2. LE

      Curious how other people feel about thisAgree. Given that my ‘commute’ is roughly 4 or 5 minutes and that when I exercise in my own home I have a TV to watch, I don’t have any situation or use case where I can get into a habit or listening to a podcast. Recognize as you say that others are different. Also importantly I am very inpatient and find it an inefficient way to get info not that there isn’t a benefit to hearing how something is said.That said listening to soundcloud I’ve done that many times while deleting the thousands of spam emails that I get everyday.