Let’s hope that 2017 is the year of the people

The political upheaval around the globe is disturbing.  There is a rightful fear for women when it comes to abortion, gender equality and more.  There is a movement that almost has the winds behind its sail in the legalization of marijuana.  There is a voice from the black community that they are no longer going to take police discrimination or any kind of discrimination.  The black community is focused on breaking the glass ceiling all around.

And then there are politicians who are so focused on staying in power that they are not so focused on the desires of the people.  Many are looking to pull us backward not move us forward.  I am speaking about anything from equal pay to the internet access to LGBT rights to access to healthcare.  When you move forward it is literally impossible to move backward.  Thirty years ago I had to stand in line at a bank to deposit cash and now I don’t even have to go to a bank.  That is a broad generalization of once you get access to good change then you aren’t interested in returning to the old ways of the world.

Things are changing from artificial intelligence to new forms of energy to bitcoin to ecommerce to communication.  The list is endless.  I hope that this is the year of the people.  That the people will rise up over the noise of politicians and owners of large corporations who are so scared of change and have golden handcuffs that they are more interested in pulling us back and stifling change.  Perhaps it is their age but the next generation (and that includes the millennials) are not going to operate like many of these leaders of today.  We need a new generation of leaders who embrace technology.  Who could care less about interracial marriages, gay marriages and support abortion rights, legalization of weed and new energy.  Again, the list is huge but you get the picture.

We can’t repeat history when dictators became the voice for the people.  Our nation is based on checks and balances.  I hope that the voice of the people outweigh the voice of the politicians and bankers who are thinking about keeping the power and lining their pockets.

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  1. CCjudy

    I highly recommend that you write a book this year – you are very wise and smart and in tune with the current and the future… J

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks Judy. Thinking about many options

    2. Anne Libby


  2. steve ganis

    There are many issues to confront. Do your readers care that Trump agenda will probably attempt to end subsidies to pay for health insurance premiums, thereby giving the rich a tax cut? Or do your readers care more about proposed nomination of David Friedman to be US Ambassador to Israel? Or other issues? It’s evident that once an issue is selected, protestors must take a page from the Tea Party local organizing book of 2009/2010…it’s hard work, & takes time away from leisure time……it’s all spelled out in Indivisible white paper, http://www.indivisibleguide.com ,featured in an op-ed in yesterday’s Times. Look forward to reading in your blog of further thoughts, sources, ideas, on this subject of protest.

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    I have so much faith in the generations who have come after ours. This might just be their moment. While the times are terrifying in so many ways, there is also unprecedented potential in the air right now for the possibility of amazing things to come…Two predictions for 2017: (i) explosion of creativity in all the arts, and (ii) big upsurge in the sale and manufacture of mobile “burner” devices (untraceable, disposable, pre-paid, cheap mobile phones).

    1. Gotham Gal

      I’m following your predictions. Completely agree

    2. LE

      big upsurge in the sale and manufacture of mobile “burner” devices (untraceable, disposable, pre-paid, cheap mobile phones)Why? What is the personal pain point that you have (if I get what you are saying) that would cause you or the masses to want that? I’ve never had a need for anything like that and it’s not on my radar to even consider.

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        The thinking behind my prediction there is that (from what I’ve seen), the technologically-versed are going to be looking for ways to actively resist the new administration. Participating in the resistance will be almost ‘fashionable,’ and those who can’t write and implement code will still want to support those who do, and they’ll do it via ‘burner’ devices bought at 7-11, Walgreens, etc.

        1. JLM

          .It is hard to believe — given the demonstrated impact of social media to date — that the “resistance” will desire to be anonymous. The model for resistance, as espoused by Pres Obama as recently as today, is the Tea Party. The Tea Party, in his view, was driven by a public outcry and the maximum amount of public note.Effective resistance to an elected official has to, sooner or later, show up at a polling point and be injected into the vote count. The Tea Party ultimately won at the ballot box. Pres Trump won at the ballot box.The Tea Party was as critical of its own party as it was of the public policy of the opposing party. It was all policy driven — smaller government, lower taxes, etc.Personally, I believe the Tea Party was an organizing notion and never really had any ballot box strength. It caught a wave but it did not create the wave.There is something noble about resistance and debate when it is policy and fact based. The best ideas are the result of the conflict between ideas.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

          1. Kirsten Lambertsen

            I don’t think we’ll be tweeting from these burner devices. Most resistance types will voice their opposition in the open on social media. But there are other things they may be called or encouraged to do that would require total anonymity.

          2. JLM

            .Such as what?What anonymous communication would be so significant it would require anonymity beyond that of a call or message on a regular cell phone?I guess you have to concede that the Russians will be reading all communications, no?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

          3. Kirsten Lambertsen

            It’s just a prediction 🙂

        2. Gotham Gal


        3. LE

          It’s unclear to me the tie in between resisting the new administration and using a burner phone. I am not aware of any additional activities or surveillance that is proposed, hinted at or that makes sense.

    3. Twain Twain

      On explosion of creativity, are there @unrealDonaldTrump Twitter accounts yet?It could be like a variation on @FakeSteveJobs.Instead of using words like “bad hombres”, @unrealDonalpdTrump would communicate in pucker, precise, formal English.

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        I’ve seen a couple clever ones so far 🙂

        1. Twain Twain

          Oh, you know what? Someone should re-make ‘Being John Malkovich’ with Trump.https://m.youtube.com/watch

          1. Kirsten Lambertsen

            LOL! Oh my goodness. Ha!

          2. Twain Twain

            On the day Trump becomes President, I hope everyone stays bright+happy.AFRICINA went live on Kickstarter today. We’ll all be able to track back to Fred’s post in the months and years ahead if it does become a Cath Kidston or Marimekko! Lol.https://www.kickstarter.comhttps://uploads.disquscdn.c

          3. Kirsten Lambertsen

            Awesome. Go, you!

          4. Kirsten Lambertsen

            I think you got your wish 🙂

          5. Kirsten Lambertsen

            I love sewing. I wish I had (made) more time for it. I enjoy making my own patterns (I’ve never bought one!), which is a special kind of self-torture, ha!

          6. Twain Twain

            Wow, it’s real sewing talent to make your own patterns!Apart from a wrapover skirt, the easiest self-pattern to do is a V-neck A-line summer dress with ribbon for straps and broderie anglaise for the hems.I’d love to be able to make something like this one day:https://uploads.disquscdn.c

          7. Kirsten Lambertsen

            And then never take it off (I wouldnt’)! 😀 It all starts with tote bags! You’ve done a great job on your Kickstarter page, by the way.I kind of fell into pattern making (which I’m not great at, but I can get by) because most of my sewing output is custom Halloween costumes for my kids. I ended up getting into all kinds of groovy crafty stuff (like making foam armor) thanks to the kids.Some day I’m going to make myself some great, one-of-a-kind sport coats 🙂 Project Runway was my gateway drug, years ago.

          8. Twain Twain

            Lol, so true! Imagine buying groceries in a ball gown like that! Haha.I’m looking forward to the “Mummy, please can you make me a Spiderman costume with a Thor hammer and a Captain America shield AND a Batman cape?!”Yes, you little rascals. Haha.

  4. LE

    That the people will rise up over the noise of politicians and owners of large corporations who are so scared of change and have golden handcuffsThis has all been enabled by social media which essentially gives everyone a vote on everything and what sends both companies and politicians to bend to the will of the people. Often not to ones personal preference. Some of this is good but not all of it is good. It’s unfortunate that the loudest voices are able to do this instead of the regular democratic process (love it or hate it).Last night I saw a politician being interviewed on TV. When asked why he wasn’t able to get agreement on something with his colleagues (or get something done I don’t remember) he made what he thought was a joke about how he couldn’t get his kids in his own house to let him (I think) watch what he wants on TV. Not exactly encouraging to hear the way I saw it.

  5. JLM

    .You mentioned new forms of energy. What forms of energy are you referring to?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    1. SFG


  6. JLM

    .The people were heard in the last election. It was an extension of the anger demonstrated in the 2014 election wherein that anger was transformed into the largest victory of its kind since the 1920s. The fact that the Rust Belt, in 2016, was the determinate geography makes it even clearer that angry workers abandoned their traditional loyalties. One may argue why, but the fact they did, is clear.We live in a representative republic in which the voters send their representatives to both state and Federal gov’t halls of power to represent them. People seem to miss this fact. No amount of Tweets is going to change this representative republic. We do not have a direct democracy in which issues are submitted to the populace at large to decide. When one looks at the last two elections, it is clear that a transformation HAS already happened.The challenge for anyone who wants to pass the baton to a younger generation is that they don’t vote. The most reliable voting block in America is the older, gray haired voter. [Interesting anecdote: Nobody amongst the cast of Hamilton who castigated VP Pence had voted in the election; and, only two were even registered. These two were not registered to vote where they lived. And, yet, their opinion resonated in the public but they didn’t make their voices heard at the polling point.]I doubt that any Millenial reading this comment knows who their State Rep, State Senator, Governor, Congressman, Senator, local precinct chair, polling place number, local party leader, or state party leader is. They are not involved in the political process. Add to this a lack of knowledge of the actual issues, and they are all missing in action.OTOH, ask them some question pertaining to Kim Kardashian (pick your own example) and they will know everything, no?There is going to be no change until and unless younger folks are better informed, desire to be a participant in the governance of their country, and have some sense of service to the country.Right now, the resistance does not have the leaders to drive this effort. President Obama is gone. He was a recognizable leader. An effective one? Not based on the composition of the Senate, House, governors’ mansions, legislatures. Who will lead this resistance? It is hard to imagine it comes from the DNC for a number of reasons.President Trump won election in the face of the establishment of both parties. One may argue that his voters are the first wave of the resistance, those deplorables.I, personally, want the maximum amount of principled, policy based resistance as possible — from all persons from all parties and unaffiliated — both within our elected institutions and in the hinterlands. If the resistance is Hollywood, coastal liberals — then all it assures is a huge Republican win in 2018 and complete control of the Senate and House.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…