Let’s hope that 2017 is the year of the people

The political upheaval around the globe is disturbing.  There is a rightful fear for women when it comes to abortion, gender equality and more.  There is a movement that almost has the winds behind its sail in the legalization of marijuana.  There is a voice from the black community that they are no longer going to take police discrimination or any kind of discrimination.  The black community is focused on breaking the glass ceiling all around.

And then there are politicians who are so focused on staying in power that they are not so focused on the desires of the people.  Many are looking to pull us backward not move us forward.  I am speaking about anything from equal pay to the internet access to LGBT rights to access to healthcare.  When you move forward it is literally impossible to move backward.  Thirty years ago I had to stand in line at a bank to deposit cash and now I don’t even have to go to a bank.  That is a broad generalization of once you get access to good change then you aren’t interested in returning to the old ways of the world.

Things are changing from artificial intelligence to new forms of energy to bitcoin to ecommerce to communication.  The list is endless.  I hope that this is the year of the people.  That the people will rise up over the noise of politicians and owners of large corporations who are so scared of change and have golden handcuffs that they are more interested in pulling us back and stifling change.  Perhaps it is their age but the next generation (and that includes the millennials) are not going to operate like many of these leaders of today.  We need a new generation of leaders who embrace technology.  Who could care less about interracial marriages, gay marriages and support abortion rights, legalization of weed and new energy.  Again, the list is huge but you get the picture.

We can’t repeat history when dictators became the voice for the people.  Our nation is based on checks and balances.  I hope that the voice of the people outweigh the voice of the politicians and bankers who are thinking about keeping the power and lining their pockets.