Present and Attention

One definition of attention is notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.  I have been thinking about being present for the past few days.  Then I had breakfast with someone who talked about attention.  It can be a combination of both.

Being present is something that I have been very aware of for years.  One of my biggest concerns when I had children is that I wanted to be present in their lives.  I knew that I could easily find myself falling into a vortex of a 24/7 work head and it was important to me to put the kids first and foremost once they came on to the scene.  Now with our phones attached to our hands it is really hard for many to be present particularly the younger generation.  I see it in meetings, I see it at restaurants, I see it everywhere.  It is amazing how easily we can get distracted with the moment when the moment where you are interacting with people is much more important than the screen you are looking at.

Attention is another thing.  It is not only about paying attention it is also getting the attention of the right people.  As founders navigate the world of funding or even finding the right people to bring on to the team it is about being able to articulate their vision clearly to get the attention of the right people.

Both of these are concepts and words to think about in 2017.  These words can also be connected to the importance of taking care of yourself from taking time off to think clearly, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, making time for friends and family.  I am definitely thinking a lot about present and attention as the new year has begun.