Wellness in France

I remember the first time I went to Europe was in college.  I took a semester abroad in London and then journeyed over to Europe a few times while I was there and then for an extended trip before returning to the states.  I still remember how enamored I was with the European lifestyle. Long lunches, short work days, eating and family first, etc.  I just seemed to good to be true and it ends up I was right.  Years of smoke and mirrors in regards to each countries GNP but the traditions of enjoying life are set in stone.

Each country is small in comparison to US which make the majority of them insanely homogenous and not very friendly to outsiders that don’t look the same or behave the same.  France has not been very open to immigrants to say the least and we have witnessed what happens with that behavior.  Regardless France has universal health care, incredible school lunches, generous vacation time and more.  It is hard not to be enamored with the French lifestyle.

The latest and greatest in France is a law that goes into effect that puts a ban on work-related email after hours.  Perhaps not the best analogy but some countries in Europe do not believe that homework makes a difference and everything should be done within the school hours.  Supposedly this law will push more employees to connect during business hours and create a clear distinction between professional and personal life.  It is their way of preserving French traditions yet understanding the realities of the world today.

These days our personal life tend to blend in with our professional lives although the rapid speed of wellness and health is making its way into companies and our personal lives at lightening speed.  There is something to be said for sleep, balance, taking care of your own mental health, making sure that you don’t ignore those personal relationships for work and more.

Not sure a law will be passed like this in the US anytime ever but it is interesting to see what other countries are doing to seek balance in the 21st Century.