Broken Spanish

Broken Spanish is in downtown LA near the Staples Center.  That entire area is spread out with almost zero vibe.  It is hard to describe.  There are hotels, restaurants, and the arena but there is not one thing that creates something unique where as over by the arts area that isn’t far from there it feels entirely different.

The restaurants architecture feels a bit like a suburban fern bar but the food is terrific.  How can you not be excited about a list as long as this that is only filled with different tequilas and mezcal?  Usually I’d go for a tequila on the rocks but a margarita was calling our name.  Just tequila, fresh lime juice and a shot of something else.  Perfect.

We ordered a bunch of things to split between the 3 of us.  Queso Fundido was a cheesy dream and with a side of corn torillas for dipping you can not go wrong.  This can be lathered on anything you get.

Lamb neck, king oyster, queso Oaxaco tamale.  Rich braised lamb over the tamale.

Oxtail, plantain, habanero and salsa Quesadilla.  I added a little bit of the Queso Fundido to this.  So good.

Pieces of chicken thighs, crispy chicken skin, cock’s comb and guajillo.  Super spicy.

Lamb shoulder carnitas with kabocha squash, escabeche and pomegranate salsa.  The lamb was so tasty.

Half a roasted duck covered with a mole sauce, sesame seeds, crunchy peanuts and pieces of persimmons.  This was amazing.  The duck slid off the bone when you cut into it.  I could not get enough.

I did something that I never do which is ask for the leftovers to be put in a box for the next day.  Everything was really delicious.  The mixture of spices and the preparation is a twist on Mexican that I’d love to see more often.  That duck….

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  1. awaldstein

    I kept walking by the train station in Santa Monica a few weeks ago considering jumping on to go downtown. Didn’t have time but want to try it.Have you?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Have not but I want to. Talked to someone yesterday who commutes into Santa Monica from downtown and LOVES it. Glad to hear that too.