Destroyer, a big walk and a very other things

Emily came to LA for a few days to see friends, relax and spend sometime here.  As always, it gives us some time to explore and knock some things off our lists.  We started at Destroyer for breakfast.  Jordan Kahn of Destroyer has brought Nordic fare to Los Angeles.  The space is minimal, the plating is beautiful and the tastes are deliciously subtle.

We had a few things to split.  Raw oatmeal with almond milk, red currants and hints of vanilla.  The white disc on top tastes like cold frozen cream.  It definitely tastes like it sounds but the flavors just keep you going back for just one more bite.

This breakfast bowl has quinoa, mushrooms, crispy potato chips, a mixture of greens and herbs with an organic egg inside.  It is really creative.

Even the coffee cups are well thought out.  We had a pastry, a combination of banana and ginger, that was unbelievably moist.

Had to have the Icelandic rye bread that is so dense but it is the whipped butter that is the key to bringing out all the flavors.

Behind Culver City, where Destroyer is, sits Baldwin Hills State Park.  It is pretty awesome that this park sits smack in the middle of an urban area.  In the middle of this park is the Culver City stairs.  The stairs were constructed in 2006 by a couple who goal was to create a non-traditional park environment inside the park.  We walked up the stairs and took the path on the way down.

The views from the top are amazing.

We roamed around Platform before making a stop at Surfas that is a culinary store filled with everything from cheese to sprinkles to deep frying vats for a restaurants.  Great store!

We stayed west so we made our way over to Venice to figure out lunch.  Wanted to show Emily the new Parachute Store on Rose.  Next door is now a Jeni’s ice cream who happened to be there that day.  We spoke to her awhile.  This is their 27th store.  Decided it was ok to have some ice cream before lunch.

Then we went to my favorite taco stop in Santa Monica, Tacos Punta Cabras.  Small dive with solid tacos.  The scallop, the shrimp and the fish was my faves although cauliflower tostado is pretty good too.

A little stroll down Abbott Kinney, bought some stationery and a few things before regrouping for the night ahead…


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  1. Mariah Lichtenstern

    This is making me nostalgic; I used to live in Windsor Hills, just adjacent to Baldwin Hills, and that area (oil pumps notwithstanding) is one of my absolute favorites in LA. I loved living there – very little traffic, magnificent views, and 15 minutes from anywhere I really wanted to be…sigh. Enjoy.