Erin Bagwell, Choosing to be Your Own Distributor, Podcast

Erin Bagwell is the director, producer, entrepreneur and visionary behind Dream Girl.  Dream Girl is a film that is about showing other women especially young girls that there are female entrepreneurs out there and that they can be too.  This film has been shown around the globe.  Erin’s approach to the film, the distribution including how she raised the capital is the new model.  The next generation of film makers should be taking note.  We sat down to talk about her endeavor to get this film made.

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  1. Jia Li

    What a great podcast! Joanne I have been a big fan of you and read a lot about you in news and social media. But I was a little intimidated by you as an investor. But after watching Erin’s family I found you really kind and supportive for female entrepreneurs. I was so touched that in Erin’s movie you talked about how Angel investors should just try to help more entrepreneurs instead of worrying too much about their return. With that said, I am sure you are still quite selective and only invest in business with great potential that makes an impact.My biggest takeaways from the Podcast is that:1) No matter how hard it is, you should really follow your dream and trust your instinct. At times when it is really hard, you ‘melt down then you melt up’. 2) Control your own destiny and find a platform that enables you really have your own voice and gives most control of your business. And for product business the best platform is crowdfunding such as Kickstarter. You do have to work extremely hard to become successful at it, but the return is well worth it, and you will have a audience that you can launch your future products to. 3) Having a team and co-founder(s) is really important. I love how Erin talked about how she and Kamal met (I am very lucky to have met them both in person during the screenings) and how they cheered up and supported each other at difficult times, and how Annie and his co-founder Zach would share responsibilities to give talks based on what they are best at. No one can do everything on their own. I have learned my lesson and now I am actively looking for partners for my business.And yes I agree with Joanne, Dream, Girl is an “incredibly uplifting and empowering film”. The first time I watched it I was hooked and had many moments tearing. Since then I have watched the movie 4 times at different screenings. It’s such a great movie that not only because it keeps inspiring me but every time I watched it I found some new parts and nuances that I didn’t notice before, and each time I just found it more beautiful.Check out the upcoming Dream, Girl screenings at…Jia

    1. Gotham Gal

      thank you so much. and yes you get it!