Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair

This is our third year going to this show.  I really love this show because it is small, intimate and the galleries are really good.  Just the right amount of intake.

There is another building across the street from the main show where artists have studios.  This year they opened it to the public.  We took a walk through before hitting the main show.  I particularly liked these white shoes that were strewn in the parking lot and then into the hallways of the studios.

Here is one studio I peaked in where the artist, Susie McKay Krieser, was hanging and painting.  This wall took her a year.  Her paintings are mostly of people.  These are of people at beaches around the globe that she traveled to.

Kang Hong-Goo represented by the One and J. Gallery from Seoul.  Insanely prolific artist as his past work looks nothing like this.

I did not catch the artist but this is from the Susanne Vielmetter Projects in Los Angeles.  Fred started a Foursquare list of all the LA galleries we liked here for another day.

From the Anat Ebgi gallery.  Very few names on the walls so it wasn’t easy to figure out the artist.  Obviously Trump is seeping anger into the art community.

I walked into this booth and said we have bought some pieces from an artist that looks similar.  The woman in the booth said “Daniel Gordon”?  I said yes and she said this is his latest work.  Duh.  Love his work and the M+B Gallery that represents many of the artist we have collected over the years.  These new works from Gordon are fantastic.

This piece is from the Yautepec Gallery in Mexico City where I have visited twice.  This is a piece from Ian Chang but he is one of many artists inside this piece.  This is an index from ArtRank that is updated quarterly around major art fairs and auctions.  The data provides clarity on forecasting prices around artist worth that helps people making acquisitions.  There are several of Ian’s pieces in this chart.  We could have spent hours playing around with this piece.  It is purely about algorithms that assess the works value that has no basis on the works aesthetic or emotional value.  So cool.

The Hole Gallery has a great installation.  This is one of the artists in the booth, a flower sculpture.

Cherry + Martin is another great LA gallery.  These are new works from Adam Silverman, someone who we have two pieces from.  Really loved this new work of his for the show.

This is another artist T. Kelly Martin that they represent.  Film projects with LED lighting.

But my favorite that I can not get out of my head is Brian Bress.  A loop of about 20 minutes of him dressed in a doughboy chef costume where he writes inside the screen.  I am not doing the best job of explaining the work but it is really clever.

Japanese elements in this piece from Jacob Hashimoto at the Mixografia gallery.

Got a chuckle out of this one called Concrete Couples from John Baldessari.

Not surprising this caught my eye.  Rirkrit Tiravanija at 1301PE.

Thought we should get this for our office.  Phil Wagner at Marinaro

A great show.


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  1. Twain Twain

    So the ratio of “in-the-red investment: in-the-black investment” is 10:9 which means Phil is a super-optimist because the stat is that 90% of startups fail so it should be closer to 9:1.I’m wondering if it was intentional that the investment blocks (except for the bottom-right one) stack up to either spell IP or IF.With the bottom-right stack too, it spells “IN”.

  2. Steve Hallock

    I thought it was one of the stronger LA fairs in a while in terms of quality of work and gallerists. In addition, my girlfriend is a painter who was exhibited by one of your listed galleries, and I can report that sales were strong. As you say, “a great show.”

    1. Gotham Gal

      It really was a strong show. Who is your girlfriend?

      1. Steve Hallock

        Her name is Vanessa Prager. She shows with The Hole. I just wrote Fred an email in case you guys happen to make your way Downtown…

        1. Gotham Gal

          Love her work. We own 5 pieces! We also own two pieces of her sister Alex. Big fan.Also have bought a few things from the Hole.We get downtown often.

          1. Steve Hallock

            What?! That’s incredible! What a small world. I’ve known Fred for years. We should all get together.

          2. Gotham Gal

            Small world….:)