The big disconnect

I went to the Upfront Summit last week.  It was really a fantastic event put on by Upfront Ventures.  Two days of content and conversation.  I got to meet a bunch of new people, see many people I know and get a face to face with many I have talked to but never met face on.

Jared Diamond was one of the speakers.  He spoke about the divide in this country and why.  I keep coming back to what he talked about.  I know the world has shifted dramatically because of technology.  That shift has changed our workforce but it has also changed the way we live.  When we spend a majority of our time looking at a phone where we connect with the world at large through our Twitter feed or text with friends or just get information around work it has changed the way we interact with each other.

I see people sitting around a table having dinner and half the people are on their phones not communicating with the people they are present with.  The ability to follow people and talk with them around the globe has made it so that most of us really follow and talk with only people who agree with our own sensibilities.  In the past we had to go down to the local hub for our day to day needs from groceries to banking to clothing.  We were forced to have conversation and interact with many who might not believe in the same things that we do.  Now that we only connect with others like us it has created a severe divide.  We are seeing this play out in the media, in government, in protests and pretty much everything.

I am not sure what the solution is but in the past our elected officials found a way to agree to disagree and found a way to move forward but the divide, the grab for power and the divisiveness has become so angry and untenable that there is this cacophony that is surely going to either make a path for a new voice of reason or we are all going to find ourselves in a very bad place.