Alexis Maybank, Changing Direction Can Be A Good Thing, Podcast

This week’s conversation features Alexis Maybank, Co-Founder & CEO of Project September, the first entirely visual shopping platform. Alexis lets us in on her previous experience as the Co-founder of the luxury e-commerce site, Gilt, and how she let changes in consumer behavior, and new ideas, influence her in a positive way to start her latest venture.

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  1. Twain Twain

    The other co-founder of Gilt Groupe, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, has founded another style and shopping app called Fitz. She sent me an email about it last month.A visual shopping platform is something I know Condé Nast (owners of Vogue) started working on in 2015. The CTO of their eCommerce arm invited me in with a view to joining their AI+DataScience team after various CN Europe developers worked with me at their hackathon in Nov 2014.Machine vision is already applied in Fashion sector, e.g. StitchFix, Sentient Technologies and others.However, that’s not half as hard or interesting a problem as inventing tools to make the machines understand our language, culture and values.A complete change of direction would be leaving tech to go and make artisanal food products (gelato, cheese, grow apples and fresh homemade meals for delivery to offices).