Dream Girl Web-Series

There is so much footage of many powerful female entrepreneurs that the duo behind Dream Girl put up a web-series.  Right now there are ten in total.  This are short and powerful.  I really like the one above that sets the tone for the series and the film.

This one is an additional clip on me.

Also, in honor of Women’s History Month we are discounting our one-time public screening license from $595 to $295! People can book the film online now and hold their event whenever they are ready. Screenings can be booked here.

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  1. Twain Twain

    Timely, given this:* https://www.theatlantic.com…The Atlantic: “In contrast, a 2015 study published in Science confirmed that computer science and certain other fields, including physics, math, and philosophy, fetishize “brilliance,” cultivating the idea that potential is inborn. The report concluded that these fields tend to be problematic for women, owing to a stubborn assumption that genius is a male trait.”Interestingly …The Independent: “Cells with paternal genes accumulated in parts of the limbic system, which is involved in functions such as sex, food and aggression. But researchers did not find any paternal cells in the cerebral cortex, which is where the most advanced cognitive functions take place, such as reasoning, thought, language and planning.”http://www.independent.co.u…Notably, on 02 March 2017 in SF, Google Research shared their failed attempts to “infuse intuition” into Formal Reasoning frameworks, to try to get the machines to actually understand text. This failure despite a slew of supposedly “brilliant” male PhDs, more data than most, their best Neural Network models and 1000’s of machines being run to process the data.So … this is why Silicon Valley needs women; we have natural domain expertise in intuition and language.As far back as 1997, John Hopkins & University of Sydney neuroscience research showed that Wernicke’s area (language comprehension) is 18% larger in women and the cortical volume of Broca’s area (speech production) is 20% larger.Ergo, not only did Babbage NEED Ada Lovelace’s program to get the first-ever computer to work, Silicon Valley needs modern versions of Ada to solve the Natural Language Understanding problem in AI that none of those “brilliant” male PhDs have been able to solve.And they’ve had 60+ years of exclusively-male dominance in AI to solve it.So it’s time for female entrepreneurs and engineers to rescue those “brilliant” male PhDs who are lost re language. LOL.

    1. Gotham Gal

      So time for female entrepreneurs and engineers to rescue those “brilliant” male PhDs. LOL…..TOTALLY!