Scoot is on the run

For a few years I tooled around the city on a scooter.  At first it was a Vespa but then I got a Buddy purely because I needed something smaller.  I loved driving them both.  So when I was introduced to the founder of Scoot a few years back I was sold immediately on the concept but of course more important I believed in the founder.  Transportation needed to change and I felt that Scoot would be one part of that transformation.

Today Scoot announced that its international expansion with their operating system for sharing light electric vehicles in densely populated cities throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia.  I am always amazed how we have those conversations at the very beginning and always realizing how it takes a few years for this to happen.  The demand for cleaner more efficient transportation options is growing and Scoot is filling that void.

Bike sharing, car sharing, electric scooters and other small electric vehicles are going to be everywhere in just a few years.  Scoot saw this first and made Scoot part of the San Francisco streets to start.  Now they are going to set up operations in other cities.  They are looking for more partners to hep them run these valuable but complex transportation services.   The win is for less traffic and a cleaner environment.

If you happen to live in SF, sign up and jump on a Scoot.  If not, be on the look out for a Scoot as they continue to grow their services in cities across the globe.