Making our way through the art around NYC

Over the last two weeks, we have made a minor plunge into the seeing some art around the city.  First stop was the Photography show at the Pier.  Perhaps it was the torrential like weather but I found the space insanely depressing.  The Photo Show in Paris is so exciting but this felt very old.  There is a mixture of old photos and new but nothing got me excited.  This did catch my eye.

This was depressing.

We went early on a Sunday morning to see the Whitney Biennial.  I have been to them all over the years.  There were a few interesting things but all and all I found the whole installation disappointing.  There have been years where I have walked out and although the art was in my face, it stuck with me.  I want to be engaged and mesmerized with cutting edge work that is making a statement and pushing me to think.  Unfortunately, that did not happen here. I like the work from Celeste Dupuy-Spencer that shows our lives today.

Henry Taylor is another artist that I know and like.

I thought the most amazing piece was the stained glass window by Raúl de Nieves.

Made our way through Chelsea the following week.  Sue Williams, who I have been following for years, at 303 Gallery.

The must see is Alice Neel at Zwirner.  More galleries are creating shows that are similar to museums.  Neel painted portraits of friends and family in NYC.  These portraits are amazing.  Two Girls, 1954

Benjamin, 1976.

Evan Holloway at Paul Cooper Gallery.

Olafur Eliasson at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.  I am such a fan.  These pieces are wild.  Bent metal through mirrors.  This is the front.

Here is how it is constructed in the back.

Upstairs is this room with a light hanging in the middle.  When the light is off the room the circles are black and gray.

When the light comes up, the circles are a variety of colors.  Makes a statement about opening your eyes to a diverse, happier world.

Nice to be back in my town.

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