Not sure where I read about Torishin but randomly (or perhaps not) it was reviewed in the NYTimes the following day.  The restaurant has been given a Michelin star for years.  If you close your eyes, you might think you are in Japan.

It was late so we didn’t opt for the chef’s omikase but we do plan on going back and doing that.  We had a few things.  The kobi beef was really good and just enough because it is very rich.

We had the chicken with a miso dressing.

Also chicken with chopped shiso on top.

Even the simply grilled mushrooms were just perfect.

Great spot.  My guess is now that it has been written up, it won’t remain a hidden secret.  At least it was a secret to me.


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  1. Robin Bobbe

    Killer! Add food photographer/stylist to your list of talents! I’m drooling!