4 Charles

We casually tried to drop by 4 Charles sometime after it opened in December.  Reservations were obviously needed and after just spending those few moments in the restaurant, I knew I wanted to get there when we returned to NYC after our LA winter sojourn.

The restaurant is a throwback to an era when velvet curtains were draped, there was a bouncer at the door to make sure that they knew who you were before entering a drinking establishment, and there was smoke hovering over the banquettes in a tight jazz infused club.  It isn’t quite that as times have changed but it is that version in 2017 and it is so very New York.

Nothing better than thick grilled bacon with a shot of sweet maple.  Insanely delicious.

Gem salad with avocados, herbs and a light crab cake on top.  If you aren’t prepared to be a full on carnivore then this is a good call.  The salad is fresh and tasty and you can opt for a crab cake or not.  The crab cake is big pieces of crab lightly seasoned with a crisp crust that has just the right touch.

We had a bunch of sides.  The asparagus is in season so that was on the menu that night.  Simply made with just a bit of pecorino, olive oil and capers over the top.

Charred brussel sprouts with bacon, parmesean and dijon dressing.  This was too heavy handed and it didn’t need to be.

The creamed spinach, a must at every steak house, is amazing.  Made with blue cheese vs the classic white sauce.  It takes decadence to a new level.

There were two steaks available that night and we split the New York strip.  We asked them to not put butter over the top although we all know how good that is and to put the Bernaise sauce on the side.  Delicious.

The burger is what everyone says is the call.  They are right.  We split it four ways.  The waiter took our his plastic gloves and a serious knife to insure perfection for each of us as he cut it into four even portions.  A classic juicy flavorful American cheeseburger.

Dessert is big and old school too.  Lemon meringue pie.  Sweet, tart and truly beautiful.

I can hardly wait to go back because I need to try the prime rib too.  I grew up eating prime rib on Sunday nights perhaps that is the day to go back.