Collective and 1-54 Show

This past weekend was one of full on art.  The Frieze is in town and we did a few of the other shows first before hitting up the Frieze.  We started out at the Collective Design Fair.  It is a small show that combines a mixture of modern and contemporary design and that includes photography, sculpture, furniture, lighting and more.  It is a small show but I like it.

A table from Gallery All.  It really is a piece of art.

Merete Rasmussen.

Beautiful glass pieces from Barbara Nanning.

Sandra Davolio.  This and the last two pieces are all from artists represented by J. Lohmann Gallery.

Globes by Ingo Gunther

Chen Chen & Kai Williams from Othr.  Othr is a company I am invested in.  They are creating unique pieces with designers through 3D printing.

Noguchi room with lights and furniture.

Loved this white sculpture for a room that was also at Gallery All.

We drove over to Red Hook to go to the Contemporary African Art show called I-54.  We stopped at Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook and had some lunch.  Honestly makes you feel like you are on a seaside vacation.  Had some chowder before the show.

Derrick Adams who I hope to collect more of.

More Derrick Adams.

Thought this piece was pretty amazing by Zak Ove

A bunch of female photos from Jodi Bieber.

Ink jet prints from Lebohang Kganye.

The show is small.  We bumped into Dustin Yellin, who is the master behind Pioneer Works, where the show is held.  Went over to his studio for awhile before returning home for the day.

Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    Terrific incentive to get out and see this.Thanks.

  2. lauraglu

    Going to be in NY May 21-25th without a ton of free time. If you could recommend just 2-3 galleries to stop by, which would you? (Staying in Brooklyn + working from NoMad)

    1. Gotham Gal

      Get to Metro Pictures and see the Longo show ( post coming )Fischl at SkarstedtElsworth Kelly at Matthew Marks

      1. lauraglu

        That Longo show looks incredible. Thank you!