Did you have a mentor?

Mentor was the theme of the last week.  I believe I was asked more than a handful of times last week if I had a mentor…and who was my role model.  Mentor and role model are words that have become part of every person’s dialogue these days.

The few people who were quasi-mentors early in my career, were in my life for short periods of time before they got promoted into new jobs.  I looked up to them but as soon as they moved on, that “mentorship” was over.  Some of them were also role models and then some of them were not mentors but just role models of how not to be.

It might have been nice to have someone along the road that could have been a mentor to me but I’d say Fred and in many ways, our kids have been the people I turn to when in need of some advice and direction.  They are my mentors.  I have added Alex, my trusted assistant to that list.  They are my daily mentors.

Role models are a tough one.  I am not sure I have one here either but I certainly give respect and nod to many people for different reasons.

I consider myself a mentor to many.  All organic relationships that have developed over the years.  I am sure some of those people will move on from me as the years go by.  More than likely, in a heartbeat, I would be able to pick up on the conversation of years past whenever a little tune-up was needed.

I am pretty sure I am a role model to others as well.  That feels good.  Perhaps the desire for many of us to feel more connected to others in this fast-paced world is one of the many reasons that mentors have become so amplified in the last decade.

I might be someone on the giving end, but the reality is my giving end is also a receiving end, and that is a very good thing.  Mentorship is a two-way street.