Funding Planned Parenthood, Our Monthly Match #istandwithPP

Our Government, that is right, our Government that is for the people, is holding a vote today on the American Health Care Act (Obamacare) with the hopes to defund Planned Parenthood (and much more).   For those who can not afford healthcare for basic needs such as proactive check-ups, prenatal care, pap smears and more is that the cost to care for those who find themselves ill (or their children) is a bigger drain on our economy than funding organizations like Planned Parenthood.  It is wrong not to fund Planned Parenthood and it is shortsighted.  I will never understand those who do not believe in being socially responsible for their fellow person.

Our monthly match is to support organizations that we believe are an essential part of our country that this Administration (Dictatorship) could give a shit about and today that is Planned Parenthood.  FredAmy Bachelor, Susan Danziger, Albert Wenger and Brad Feld are doing this as a team.

I added here an emotional talk by Jimmy Kimmel whose son was born this past week with heart defects.  He has healthcare.  He makes the plea for access for everyone.  It is worth the watch.  Can you imagine if you were not able to have access to healthcare?

One more thing worth noting…Planned Parenthood also provides healthcare for men.

Our match offer will end when we reach $30k of collective donations or Friday night at midnight pacific time (May 5th).

Here is how the monthly match works

  1. Go to our match offer page and click the big Donate button
  2. Select any amount (min is $10) and click the big Donate button again
  3. Enter your payment credentials and click the big Donate button again
  4. Click the big Tweet Your Donation button
  5. Once you have done all of that your donation will automatically be matched
  6. If you don’t have Twitter, forward your email receipt to [email protected]

I hope you will join all of us and support Planned Parenthood today, an organization that cares about women’s healthcare….and others.