It is always nice to return to a city that you have been coming back to for decades.  Perhaps throwing the coin in the Trevi Foundation is the key.  We got in late in the afternoon so the first stop was at La Tavernaccia Da Bruno for dinner.  A family run neighborhood vibe taverna.  

We had to begin with the mozzarella, prosciutto, and flat bread.  After all, we are in Rome.

We split the wild boar pasta.  Rich and good.

I went with the suckling pig, the house special, for dinner.  We wandered a bit around the neighborhood after dinner before making our way back to the hotel.

Up bright and early the next morning to hit the town.  First stop Maxxi Museum.  I have a small list of favorite museums and the Maxxi is one of them.  Zaha Hadid was the visionary behind this building.  It is architecturally so smart.  There is this level of exploration inside the building which works perfectly for an art museum.

The main exhibit was Piero Gilardi, an artist, critic and activist.  His work represents his thoughts on the future including nature, terrorism, war and connection.

We didn’t even know Gilardi until we saw this exhibit and we really enjoyed it.

There is another building across the way that is like a gallery.  Marcello Lo Giudice is the artist and his work is all around color and nature.  He has represented Italy in the Bienalle in the past.

Lunch was calling.  We felt more like grazing than having a full on meal so we went to La Salumeria.  Super cute place.

Always a fan of the cheese plate.

At Chiostro Del Bramante there was a Basquiat exhibit we wanted to see.  We had seen the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum but this was completely different.  The installation was fantastic and there were many pieces we had never seen.  Procession is the one above.

Two Dogs is a piece that was done in 1984 with Andy Warhol.

There was a room of plates that he had done.  This Fab 5 Freddy.

The museum is super old so the stairways were used for pieces too.

We then hit up the classic spots.  One of my favorite spots is the Parthenon.  It is such an incredible building that I always think about how long ago it was built yet how incredible it is at the same time.

It was time for a gelato and there are plenty of spots now but we opted for Venchi for some pistachio and chocolate.

Obviously had to toss the coin in the Trevi along hundreds of other people.  The tourism here is a tad overwhelming.

Oh yes, we did walk by the Spanish Steps too.

Took a short rest before hitting up Taverna Trilussa for dinner.  Didn’t love the vibe or the wait staff but these artichokes were just amazing.  Perfectly fried, sweet and crunchy…just amazing.

The ravioli is their signature too.  Rich, cheesy and lick your plate clean type of pasta.

Afterwards we walked around Trastevere where there is quite a nightlife.  It was late, we were bushed and just strolled before making our way back to the hotel to seriously hit the pillow.




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  1. William Mougayar

    Curious how many steps of walking was that day? Do you carry a FitBit?It sounds like a good 12-15,000 steps, helpful for burning some of those carbs 😉

    1. Gotham Gal

      We mapped it after we got back to the hotel. We probably put in 6 miles.

      1. William Mougayar

        At 2,000 steps per mile,- 12,000 sounds about right.

  2. awaldstein

    Big lover of Rome. Where else do you see a priest on a Vespa talking on a cell phone driving past the Coliseum.Terrific wine scene like everywhere in Italy. So many small producers that you never see anywhere else.Enjoy!

  3. CCjudy

    Thank you for sharing this

  4. jason wright

    Pantheon… it is an amazing sight. that it is so old makes it even more so. not Egyptian builders.