Shop, see, eat…Paris

We had a few errands to run.  My all time favorite department store is Bon Marche.  Everything around the home there is incredible and that includes the food.  I usually do a walk-through the clothing area but to me, Bon Marche is all about the home.  We also stopped into Conrans (above), that still exists here in Paris.

They have done a great job.

Each area feels very much like an installation, a concept shop paired with ideas.

We figured we would hit up some more museums hoping for a little heat relief.  Ends up at Palais De Tokyo Museum there was a Rick Owens fashion show.  Set up outside on elevated walkways it was quite the scene.

Popped into the Museum Moderne where there is currently a show on jewelry.  It was ok but I did get to see Michael Jackson’s glove.

At the Palais de Tokyo there were a couple of exhibits.  The other on dioramas.  Neither rocked our both.  I have always liked the physical space more than the installations.

Although there were a series of dioramas in regards to how the art world has used them over the years.  This one I knew because we actually own one of this artists work.

We did get a peek at the fashion show from behind the scenes.

They are in the midst of change.  New store and a new restaurant are coming so we will see what is in store next time we come.

We went back to the comfort of our AC place before heading out to dinner.  You could feel that the temperature was about to change.  What a relief.  We had dinner at Kunitoraya.  There are two places, one that you can’t get a resy and the other that you can.  We opted for the latter.  What an amazing place.  The restaurant is Japanese, located in the area of the 1st where there are several Japanese restaurants.  This place feels very Parisian and the food has a slight edge to that.

We started with a small tasting of tofu with peas.

Had a few appetizers which is part of the tasting we went with.  Chopped raw tuna.

Crab topped with roe and caviar.

Caramelized foie gras topped with truffles and a few strawberries on the side.  This was incredible.

Loved the tempura.

Udon noodles is the call here.  A light miso broth with delicious noodles and pieces of pork.

For dessert, we had this dessert that is a flaky pastry stuffed with sesame pastry creme and topped with a crispy sweet cracker of seeds.

We walked home, the air had cooled, the ferris wheel was lit up and we loved our dinner.