Still sweating in Paris

The heat is debilitating.  We feel and look like drowned rats but still made our way out in the world.  The Hockney Exhibit opened at the Pompidou and we weren’t the only ones looking to be there when the doors opened.

The show was at the Tate, now at the Pompidou and next stop is the MOMA come November.  I will most definitely go again when it gets to the MOMA.  The show is fantastic.  I am a huge fan of Hockney’s work but seeing a retrospective of his work makes me an even bigger fan.  The work begins in his high school years.  This is a self-portrait done with small pieces of cut-up paper.

I got in trouble taking photos….who knew.  I did manage to take this photo of this classic Hockney.  Seeing it in person was pretty amazing.

There was another room of drawings of people.  This one is of Warhol.

I loved this painting of his parents.  There was another room of photographs, one in particular called Pearl Blossom Highway.  It is of maybe a hundred photos from all different angles and together it creates one big image. There are certainly different phases of his life and his work showed it.  He did some video work at one point.  There is a small area that has four walls.  Each wall is a video of the same exact road but each is from a different season.  It is beautiful.  We both left the exhibit so happy and exhilarated.

The Pompidou was also showing the furniture line being launched around the show.  All poolside goodies.

We had lunch at a private club.  Jessica’s friends who are from Paris took us.  Their membership has been in the family for generations.  It is quite a place and we had such a nice time.  We all sat under these umbrellas and just sweat while eating our meal and sipping rose.  It was fun to see what is behind the curtain of some of the beautiful buildings in Paris.

We prepared ourselves for the dinner sweat.

Had dinner at Chateaubriand with a friend.  I believe this is the third time we have been back here.  It was one of the first new places that opened over a decade ago that changed the restaurant scene in Paris.  It used to be more old school and now there are new places opening with young chefs who are not necessarily trained by the old guard.  It was nice to return…good food and good conversation.

We did walk for awhile after dinner.  Once a year the streets of Paris erupt with music.  People are playing music on the streets, and parks.  It is called “Fete de la Music”.  There are over 18,000 events around the country.  This is the 36th anniversary of this event.  We saw a bunch of music parties on the street on the walk back.  Everyone was sweating but they were having fun.

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  1. awaldstein

    Safe travels.

  2. pointsnfigures

    We were there for Fete de la Music a while ago. Some people call it, The Night of Noise! Certain towns in the US, notably New Orleans have tried to duplicate it but in NOLA the only thing I think they duplicated was the heat.Buy some linen, drink rose and take it easy. “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”