Sunday in Paris

Sunday is still a day of rest in Paris.  Few restaurants are open, some museums are open and basically no stores.  It is a good day for the park or just strolling.  There are a few green markets open too.

We started out at Cafe Flore.  It is overpriced and a tad touristy but we love going.

We ran a few errands stopping by the Raspail Food Market to pick up some strawberries.  The strawberries right now are so good it is almost like eating sugar.  Makes you wonder why we even attempt to eat them in January.

Our journeys took us to the Marais.  L’As Du Fallafel is one of the best on the Rue de Rosiers.  We went with the vegetarian.  Delish!

Before dinner, we went to the Hemingway Bar.  The Ritz has been under construction for the past few years so we returned to see what they have done.  Honestly, the bar looks exactly the same as it did before.  It is extremely overpriced and definitely touristy but it is a fun.  I had a Lemon Charlie which is lemon infused vodka mixed with fresh lemon juice and chilled.  Insanely refreshing and good.

Then we went to L’Ami Louis.  Have not been there in over 10 years but decided it was time to return.  It is the place to go for chicken.  If vegetables are what you are after this would not be for you.  It is an institution.

We had the jambon.

A steak.


And of course the whole roasted chicken.  I missed the shot before they took it back to slice.

After dinner, we walked back and stopped at Pozzetto for gelato.  A nice way to end the evening.

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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks for sharing!There is a mellowness in Paris on Sunday that is just nice. This captures it well.

    1. Gotham Gal

      that’s great!