Carissa’s Bakery in East Hampton

Bakery’s are having their day.  More bakeries are popping up in NYC and it is a huge bonus to see Carissa Waechter put down her roots in East Hampton.  Her baked goods from the sweets to the bread are delicious.  One thing is better than the next.

Carissa got out east 5 years and began to bake with the ingredients that were being grown at Amber Farms, owned and run by two female farmers.  Carissa had started her baking roots at Daniel Boulud, Eli Zabar and David Berke. Essentially, she is the real deal.

The cannales are just as good if not better than the many I have had in Paris over the years.

Sweet Potato Bread is innovative and soft.

Sourdough is crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.

Sandwiches are available for lunch including iced teas.

Beautiful cakes.

Divine pies.

And a few tastes for the day.

The ovens are amazing.  She does all of this in less than 1000 square feet.

If you are on the east end of Long Island, get to Carissa’s.  It is a must.