Art in the Hamptons

Art and the Hamptons go hand in hand.  There are so many artists who live out here including gallerists and vintage estate furniture stores which make for an active artistic community.  One of the gems out here is the Dan Flavin Art Institute that is part of Dia.

Set in a small building that at one point of its life was a fire station and then a Baptist church.   Dan Flavin is permanently installed there and it is really worth going to see.

The colors are always so beautiful that shine from his neon tubes.

What I loved is the top floor is an ode to the Baptist Church that once occupied the building.  This cross with neon hung over the door of the building.

Our next stop was at Harper’s Books.  Harper has an incredible collection of vintage books that are unique and rare.  He also uses his space for art installations.  This Peter Dayton table sits in the middle of the gallery and Peter is one of the local artists who live out here and raised his family here too.  Big fan of Peter.

The exhibit right now is of Daniel Heidkamp and Martha Diamond.  The Heidkamp’s is what caught my eye.  Beautiful paintings that feel like something out of another time when painters captured settings on canvas instead of photographs.

This is one painting that he redid in a smaller vein on paper.

Next to Harpers is a gallery that had a variety of artists installed.  I particularly loved these vessels in the back.

Looking forward to the next series of openings this August…which are all happening this weekend.

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  1. kirklove

    Was walking by an abandoned shop on Rivington the other day and it had one lone fluorescent light (on) leaning against a wall. Looked like a really amazing Flavin. Should have taken a pic!