Two nights in Martha’s Vineyard

The last time we were in Martha’s Vineyard was the summer of 1986.  We rented a house in Oaks Bluff and had friends come including my brother.  I remember a few things from that trip.  Eating 4 lb lobsters (I kid you not), Fred and our friend John building an exploding volcano out of a kit (quite a site and I wish we had phones then to capture it on video), and my brother losing the keys to his car on the beach so he had to get someone to help him with a metal detector and I believe it was to no avail.  It was quite a memorable week.

Our friends have been there for years.  He grew up in New England so summers in Martha’s Vineyard were part of his history and they both wanted their kids to have the same connections to the Vineyard so they have been there for years.  They are far south on the island so more than 30 minutes from the main hub of Edgartown.

The weather wasn’t in our favor the first day but we did take a long walk on the beach.  The vibe and social life out there is very different from the Hamptons.  Many people come from different parts of the world to spend their summers there so there is almost an adult camp element to the place.  It is really nice.

The sun started to come out for dinner.  We went to one of the two places at their end of the island to watch the sunset and dine.  You can just feel how tranquil and uncrowded this part of the world is.

Also, there is a life not only on the island but life on the water.  We took a quick boat ride over to the island where only 40 people live.  There is an inn there.  We had breakfast there with a few of their friends who joined in the fun.

This grill shack is in the port.

Including another place for ice cream.  It is honestly wonderful to see this old school places still exist.  Very much provincial New England at its finest.

Check out the cattle hanging out one of the islands on the way back.

You have to love a place that has a ferry specifically for the bikes.

Returned to the Hamptons the next day for one of the most magnificent weather days.  Too short of a trip.  Next year!


Comments (Archived):

  1. Pranay Srinivasan

    tried to eat a 1.5lb lobster last night and it was HARD. How do people use those crackers is beyond me.Most work I’ve ever done to eat something.

    1. Gotham Gal

      try crabs. it is worse!

      1. Pranay Srinivasan

        LOL. Effort:Reward ratio is non existent.

  2. CCjudy

    many moons ago family took first only vacation from Brooklyn to Oaks Bluff which mother did not like and we got cab and driver took us to Edgartown and we rented house for a week my memories of it are very strong!

    1. Gotham Gal

      love it.

  3. awaldstein

    Nice!We took my mom there for her 70th bday–such a long time ago.It’s one of those places that holds time.

    1. Gotham Gal

      and nothing changes!

  4. Tracey Jackson

    Looks gorgeous. Never been there. You know with the house in Sag thing we never go anywhere else in the summer. I like that no traffic look!

    1. Gotham Gal

      i totally get it. this was a major journey!

  5. Susan Rubinsky

    The Vineyard is one of my favorite places on earth. My Mom and all her cousins used to rent a place in Chappaquiddick every summer and I used to take my bike over on the ferry and crash on their couch (this was just after I got divorced and so I could go when my ex had his summer weeks with our son).There also is a vibrant film scene there —