Where is our leadership?

The disturbing events that played out in Charlottesville, VA is upsetting, mind-boggling, frightening and more.  Our country is deeply divided and obviously angry but there is no place for hatred.

The question I keep coming to again and again is how come not one of our Government leaders are speaking out about this except for the barrage of tweets.  Where is our leadership?  Have we all become so numb that this is just another day?  Why isn’t someone creating a movement where we embrace both sides of the fence who are aghast on what is happening to the moral fabric of this country? Are the people in power just working on getting their agenda through without thinking about the cause and effect around them?

As always, change comes from outside the box not inside.  I do hope in the days ahead we see a sound, articulate person start a movement with rallies, open conversations, reaching across the fence to reunite us as a nation because right now the divide is insanely scary….and the history of all out war does not need to repeat itself.

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  1. P.K. Fields

    I am in total agreement with you. On another note, from a business perspective why isn’t Twitter becoming subscription service, charging users a nominal monthly fee?

    1. Gotham Gal

      hard to change from free to subscription.

  2. JLM

    .The person most responsible for the debacle in C’ville is its Democrat Mayor. The City Council decided to rename Lee Park “Emancipation Park.” This is the event, the trigger, which sparked this and it should have been obvious to anybody with a brain that there would be trouble.C’ville, home to UVA, and only 48K people (no KKK, Nazi, Antifa, BLM homegrown cells), is well within its rights to rename anything it wants to, but a reasonable person noting the significance of Rob’t E Lee in Virginia might have anticipated it would attract attention from unsavory elements such as the KKK, the Nazis, and white supremacists.And that their assembly would attract opponents of an equally extreme persuasion.They had already had one such rally in C’ville which was not peaceful. They knew what was going to happen.,While the Constitution provides an assurance of the right to assemble (and to petition one’s gov’t), it does modify that right by limiting it to “peaceful” assembly and a home rule city has enormous latitude as to where, when, and how long such lawful assemblies may be undertaken.The Mayor nixed the demonstration being held in a larger park and forced it to be held in a smaller park in a more dangerous part of town. By doing so, he created a dangerous density of people. He also failed to block the streets or to prohibit traffic close to the park.Other cities have had such assemblies with designated areas separated by fifty feet and enclosed by temporary chain link fencing and fire trucks with water cannons.I would have denied the assembly permit based on the former event. I would also have forced it to be held in the morning in the larger park.When the state became aware of the event (Dem Gov McAulliffe), the state should have sent the National Guard to police the event. The Va NG is a superb unit.The entire debacle — which was quickly declared an “unlawful” assembly — could have been avoided with some adult planning.It was predictable that it would result in violence given the toxic mixture of cultures colliding in such a small tinder box. The KKK, Nazis, skinheads, Antifa, BLM are all terror organizations. Nobody with a brain would host them and allow them to rub up against each other in a city in which they don’t even reside.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    1. Gotham Gal