Amy McGrath for Congress

I saw this video from Amy McGrath in August.  I am still thinking about her.  I gave to her campaign right after seeing this and going to her site to learn more about her.  I hope we see more Amy McGrath’s in the next round of elections.  It is truly time for a change.

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    1. Gotham Gal

      Applause for Gen Silveria

  1. Jeremy Robinson

    Thanks for the prompt and the link!

  2. LE

    Here is one of the things that I like the best about Amy:http://www.courier-journal….But McGrath said she was not recruited to run by party officials. “I want to make that very clear. I was never recruited by the Democratic Party. I recruited them,” she said. “I believe that veterans running for office is good for the country in general, no matter what party.”As it happens my niece left her job in DC working for a non profit when the democratic party asked her to help Rick Gallant (a teacher and union official) run for office in Ithaca NY. [1] He ended up totally flaking out and she had to find someone to rent her apartment and was then given a job helping a candidate in Lancaster PA (where she moved).Gallant was recruited by the democratic party but it quickly became apparent that not only was his heart not into it but that he didn’t have ‘the right stuff’…He says the following (to try and spin things) but it’s actually not the truth. The truth is he wanted (as I say) to ‘wash the suds off the car’ and not do the hard work that it takes to get elected (which for sure includes fundraising).“It’s not easy raising money,” Gallant said. “I’m a teacher. My wife’s a teacher. My mom and dad are teachers. My friends are teachers. I’m not a lawyer. I don’t have lawyer friends. I’m not an entrepreneur. I don’t have entrepreneur friends.”Rick obviously thinks that if you know people they just give you money. He thinks that is the battle. If Amy thought the same way she would have never gotten to fly jets and would never be on the ticket running for office.