Entrepreneurialism comes in many colors

Being an entrepreneur comes in many different colors.  A book writer, an artist, a playwright, a CPG founder, a software developer, a dog walker,  a fashion designer, a cybersecurity expert and so on.  These days you can create your own path. People have less loyalty to their companies although they might be completely committed, they are most loyal to themselves.

Past generations, even one could say my generation, have been committed to staying at a company sometimes for most of their career but that behavior no longer exists.  This particularly holds true for the Millennial Generation and it is certainly going to hold even more true for Generation Z.  People follow the path that makes sense for them, as in nothing is standard anymore.

I think of this generation as a generation of apprentices.  They go work to learn, to expand their mind and then take what they learned on the road with them to that next place.  Those experiences are bonuses for whatever they do next, be it the book they write, the job they take, the art they create and the people around them particularly the companies they go work for, benefit from their fresh outlook.  They have fresh outlooks because they are always looking to expand their own personal careers.

In many ways, this generation has all become entrepreneurs of their own lives.

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  1. Heather Wetzler

    Actually – -I think this is a generation of LifeLong Learners . AI and Robots are going to demand more continuous connections between education and employment. In many occupations it has become essential to acquire new skills as established ones become obsolete. Apprenticeship at the start of a working career does not answer the need for the continuous acquisition of new skills, especially as career spans are lengthening – same now goes for a college degree.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Life long learning

  2. pointsnfigures

    https://teamdigitale.govern… I just got done advising on this. Very interesting to hear perspectives from other G7 countries with regard to entrepreneurship.