First Saturday back in NYC

I just love NYC.  Even though I find myself spending less time here than years past, it might make me love it even more. Flipping through the NYTimes or NYMagazine reading about the new movies, new theater, new restaurants, new stores and all the excitement of the next thing to experience is what makes this city so unique.  The streets, the neighborhoods, the diversity of this town just beats at an entirely different level than most places.

The first Saturday back we walked until our legs ached.  We both did maintenance items in the morning before meeting at Sorbillo to start off our afternoon.  We loved this place in Naples.  It has yet to open so instead, we popped into the Hole to start out our day.  There are two exhibits up, one show called Rom Com from Alex Gardiner, of acrylic paintings on linen.

The other from Morgan Blair, always acrylic paintings.

Prince Street Pizza was in order because pizza was what we now had to have.  We got in line and waited it out.  We had two types of pizza, the classic round pie to the square.  Both delicious, with different crusts but full of flavor and just the right texture, fresh cheese, and super spicy crispy pepperoni.  So good.

Lots of new shows to see in Chelsea so off we went.  First stop was Yancey Richardson Gallery to see the Anthony Hernandez photos that show the harsh realities of living in LA.

We popped into Matthew Marks to see this piece, by Martin Honert, called the English Teacher, that stands solo in the front room.

Our next stop was to Sikkema, Jenkins and Co to see the Kara Walker show that has been written about everywhere.  Her work continues to highlight the sin of slavery then and now.  They are important works that I hope have been acquired by major art institutions who will show these works for years to come using art to push all of us to think about our past.

Mary Corse at Lehmann Maupin was next.  Her work is also being shown in LA now and she is going to have a museum retrospective sometime next year.

Hauser-Wirth created a fantastic book store with a bar last November.  We finally got there.  The gallery is definitely thinking out of the box in their approach to the art world.  Their gallery in LA is a perfect example of that.

Maya Lin’s show, Ebb and Flow, at Pace is worth seeing.  A mixture of pieces all connected to how water flows.  I really like how Lin brings her architecture roots into her work.

Leon Polk Smith at Lisson Gallery drew us in.

These works on paper by Nathalie Boutte at Yossi Milo need to be seen in person.  They are a mixture of historic photos that are cut into tiny pieces of paper that flutter.  This picture doesn’t do the work justice.

Louise Fishman at Cheim Reid.

Lin Tianmaio at Galerie Lelong, a Chinese female artist.  There are many different words through out this rug piece.

Photos by Herman Leonard at the Robert Mann Gallery.  We happen to have this piece that we purchased easily 15 years ago in a gallery in New Orleans.  It still makes me smile when I see it.

Water colors downstairs and these amazing rugs with pieces of pottery hung around the walls by Polly Apfelbaum at Alexander Gray Associates.

I wanted to go see the new basement addition to Chelsea Market so we walked down 10th and stopped in the Story.  Such a brilliant store, a concept we will see more of.  This installation is all around Beauty.

What is more brilliant is the developers behind Chelsea Market.  The new downstairs is built to accommodate a lot of people.  The wide aisles, the stores that are not behind doors, and a huge staircase to get down there.  Another 13,000 square feet will be the next addition to this.

Dickson’s Meat Market will continue to keep their space upstairs but that space will eventually be only for sandwiches and ready made food where the butcher will be downstairs.

Buon Italia has always been one of my favorite stores in Chelsea Market.  Fresh mozzarella to pasta to imported Italian goods.  They moved from upstairs to downstairs into a beautiful new space.

Thrilled to see Anne Saxelby open a store here.  She is seriously the Queen of Cheese.

The hot shop from Williamsburg

The Manhattan Fruit Exchange that not only provides fresh produce to consumers, it also provides goods for many local restaurants.  They have a huge new spot.

Upstairs there aren’t many changes except more places to sit and eat.  Stopped by Seed + Mill to taste the soft sesame ice cream.  Not a fan of halvah but have completely changed my mind after eating theirs.

We got home and nodded off for awhile before making our way out to two bar stools calling our name at Tamarind for some delicious Indian food.

Such an amazing day in my beloved concrete jungle.



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  1. kirklove

    Full day!Sucks you have to wait for Prince St now. Loved when you used to be able to stroll in and Joe would hand you a slice. Add it to the pile of love/hate NYC 😉

    1. Gotham Gal

      But now they are making serious bank so good for them!

      1. kirklove

        They def are. I’ve spoken with them about franchising. They are down with it. I should have the balls to see it through!

  2. Pranay Srinivasan

    this sounded like such an amazing saturday!

  3. awaldstein

    Prince Street pizza is better you think than Artichoke?Not a trick question just always looking for something new in the pizza world!Love the stair picture above. Still love the stairs at the Soho Grand and I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I sure do

  4. Kirsten Lambertsen

    That’s a ton of exciting art, wow!

  5. Olivia

    best halvah ever. i love bringing their halvah taster – (4 slices) best gift to bring to dinner parties.