Bad Men

Over people’s lives including their personal lives and careers, they build a reputation for themselves.  I am going to believe that most people want to do the right thing and be known as a good person.  People can also be known for being tough, being savvy, being an asshole and all those things rolled up into one create your reputation.

We are watching bad men fall and fall hard over women no longer staying quiet about sexual harassment.   We are hearing things like his career is done or should this one thing destroy his career because he is getting help or he did apologize or whatever the answer is.

Here is the thing, we are not hearing about the countless women who have not come forward because they just walked away and into new frontiers after being sexually harassed in a job.  Think about the mental damage those women had to live with.  My friend, Adaora Udoji put it best, she wrote “stolen is a word that comes to mind lately.   I think about the monstrous amount of personhood that has and is being stolen, the impending monstrous damage, hurt, pain, waste of energy, time, productivity, lost imagination, innovation and all the things that didn’t get done because some man fueled by nothing but entitlement and insecurity attacked, assaulted, harassed, dismissed etc, etc women at work, just cause they could.  The cost is so huge.”  She is absolutely right.

I am sure we will see more men fall but I can’t help wonder if this is the turning point.  Is this the time when nobody will tolerate this behavior anymore?  Trump does it and becomes President.  Clarence Thomas did it (and maybe still does) and become a Supreme Court Judge.  Appears that Clinton was not the only one as GWBush is now being outed.

I hope that the generation of women graduating from college in the years to come will no longer have to put up with this shit.  That they won’t have to close their eyes to move their careers forward.  They will be revered for their intellect and what they bring to the table.  I assume only time will tell.