We got in at night and just made our way to the hotel, had dinner and went to sleep to get up at the crack of dawn to get to Angkor Wat.  Watching the sunrise there is beautiful.  The history is rich and long.

The attention detail at every turn is incredible.

The balance of each water pool inside the temple although they are now all dried up.

The place is just huge.

Although each time you turn, you see something from a different angle.

The reflection outside even shows the clouds.

I couldn’t stop taking photos of every tree.  This one is particularly amazing.

Lily ponds through the water as well.

We got on our scooters to get over to our next destination….and it is hot!

As amazing as Angkor Wat is, Ta Prohm is more amazing.  The trees have taken over the place.  

The moss.

More trees.

I couldn’t get enough of them.  Also, loving the iphone camera here.  Having fun playing with it.

After the temples we had breakfast in this beautiful spot.

Fruits are incredible.

Green curry and noodles worked at 10am.

We then drove down a road that had food stall after food stall.  I didn’t catch enough photos.

We made our way to an antique store.  I saw this sign in the bathroom.  There are children everywhere begging so obviously an issue.

Then Kandal village where there are new shops.

Actually, a few owners are from the states and Europe.

Before heading back to the hotel we stopped at a place where they train people to work on local products.  This is stone.

Here is wood.

It was not even 1130 and we had put in a full day.  It was super hot.  Made our way back to the hotel for lunch.  Had a Num Pang sandwich for lunch.  The rest of the day was extremely chill…and a very good massage.

Dinner was at Cuisine Wat Damnak located in the town.  Interesting just seeing the city pop at night.  Nothing to write home about but we had a nice time.  The chef is super engaging. One thing to keep in mind is they are happy to take American dollars even more than Cambodia dollars.  Little tricks learned along the way.

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  1. Laura Yecies

    Loved Angor Wat – i hope you will also get to Angor Thom.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Definitely. It’s such a beautiful country. The history is deep

  2. pointsnfigures

    If you can find it there, try some Durian. : )

  3. denmeade

    I’ve loved your stories and photos from this trip. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. JLM

    .Great pics of landscape, art, food — well played and thank you.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…