Hong Kong…and more to come

We flew into Hong Kong yesterday evening.  You definitely have to have a mindset to get on a plane knowing that you will be on it over 15 hours and when you arrive you don’t have to change your clock because it is a 12-hour difference.  Getting on the time zone should be a challenge but I believe it is worse when you return

The one place I really wanted to check out upon arrival was Yardbird.  A popular izyakaya-style spot where English is spoken and filled with foreigners living here.  No resys and the food is delicious.  Getting there was comical.  It wasn’t far from our hotel but we just got into town, the weather was hot and opted for a quick cab.  The cab had zero ideas how to get there so I had to guide him with google maps.  Comical for sure.

We began with the corn tempura.  Light fluffy and really delicious.

There are a variety of chicken skewers.  The highlights were the skin.

The chicken meatball dipped in the egg and soy and also the chicken thigh with shiso.

Faves were the chicken rice with pieces of crispy skin, peas and an egg on top.  Make it messy and eat.  Wow.

Also, the KFC, crispy fried cauliflower.  Sweet, salty and tangy.

We grabbed a cab, went back to the hotel and attempted to get into the time zone.