It’s All about Creating an Emotion – Zara Tisch, Terez, Podcast #40

Zara Tisch is the Founder & CEO of the playful leggings and accessories company, Terez. Zara sat down with me this week to talk about how she’s built her company by focusing on products that create positive emotional experiences for her customers.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Emily Parsons

    Thanks for doing this interview. It hit home. I’m starting a women’s outdoor workwear company to build clothing for women that work in the outdoor space – biologist, wildlife, foresters, carpenters, farmers and so on. Isn’t it so strange that we can’t look like women when we work outside? If it’s “all about the emotion” then, of course, AH HA! I’m going to use printed spandex, like Terez (maybe she will sell me waste material!), to make the gusseted crotch in the work leggers (leggings for loggers) and the denim. I hope it works and thanks for the interview to give me the inspiration!