Laos, Luang Prabang

I am really glad that we went to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.  Although we did visit Thailand many years ago with the entire family, seeing the entire area of Southeast Asia in one fell swoop gives you some perspective on each country from the people to the food to the Government.
Each has had their share of war and invasions.  The French have left their mark in countless ways.  Communism still reigns but that firm hand allows small gestures of capitalism because that provides capital to people and the Government.
Laos appears to be the most Westernized when it comes to the roads and homes. Luang Prabang has a rustic charm and the city is incredibly clean and walkable.  Could be Charleston SC on the waterfront.
The heat and humidity are pervasive.  Air Con as they call it is a rare treat.  Can’t imagine how anyone functions here during the real hot season.  It is all about the cold towel.
There is one major street in Pruang Labang that we wandered down.  Starting first thing n the morning with their food market that runs twice a day for local wares.
Once in the morning and once in the early evening.
Beautiful greens.
Dried chilis.
I was the only one who had something to eat off the street.  I had some pork belly and they wrap it up in banana leaves to keep it warm to go.  Absolutely delicious!
The old royal palace is worth walking through.  No photos, your knees, and shoulders must be covered in respect and you have to lock your bags up because you can’t take them in.  Although I did capture the monks.
The last of the royal family left in the 70s and now they all reside in France.  Loved seeing their old cars.  There is a white Edsel that I would have loved to capture.   This is a different temple down the street from the Royal Palace.
A variety of stores with local fabrics.  The one store that we really liked had local wood carved into home furnishing.  Not the stuff you see in the street but much nicer.  The woman who owns the shop has seven of them around all of the countries here.  She has a place that employs over 30 people who work on these wares.
Lunch as the best meal we had at a local cafe called Le Café Ban Vat Sene
Light chicken green curry with sticky rice.  Excellent flavors with a nice kick of heat.
Pedicure anyone?
Our evening activity was taking a long boat down the Mekong River for a few hours to watch the sunset.
Saw some impressive homes from the water.  Not sure you would see homes like this in Vietnam or Cambodia.
We hit up the night market before going to dinner.
Kids are the same everywhere.
We ventured out to Le Elephant for a meal.
Woke up the next morning early for the last leg of our trip to Shanghai

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    Can’t wait to hear about your Shanghai adventures…we are likely going in early 2018.

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    Big thumbs up on these travel posts. I’m really digging them.