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I have been to Frenchie’s for dinner a few times but have yet to get to Frenchie’s To Go.  They are located almost next to each other on a small narrow street in the 2nd that has a few shops frequented by chefs for their daily supplies.  The street was just waking up when we got to Frenchie’s To Go for breakfast.

We had yogurt, honey, and granola with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Loved their Instagram count

This is the vegetable store on the street.

and the Butcher.

Had to fuel up for the Christian Dior show at the Musee des Decoratifs.  The show is absolutely incredible.  Whoever curated it did an amazing job.  The history, the pieces and all the designers who were part of the CD label.  The quotes from Christian Dior throughout the show are worth noting.  He came from a wealthy family and his first step into the world of art was opening an art gallery.  His father gave him some cash to begin as long as he did not use the family name.  Dior said of his gallery “We were just a simple group of painters, writers, musicians, and designers, under the aegis of Jean Cocteau and Max Jacob.” Dior’s gallery, like his fashion house, was an absolute success where he represented some of the known artists of that time.  It was the financial crash that forced him to close shop and begin again in the fashion world.

In the exhibition, there was an entire wall of the inside of his gallery including some of the pieces that were sold there.  Whoever hunted them down is genius.

This dress is the one that Richard Avedon shot in front of elephants in 1955.

Galliano 1999 evening gown when he headed up CD.

There is a section done by color.  Each section has everything from shoes to small renderings of clothes that span decades.  It was overwhelming.  Dior said, “Color may be used in touches if you wish to change the look of your clothes.  An emerald scarf…one brilliant red rose…a sunshine yellow stole…royal blue gloves.”

Loved this.  He said “Paris is couture. Couture is Paris.”

Flowers and color are key.  This is by Maria Grazia Chiuri, 2017, who runs the house today.  He said, “After women, flowers are the most divine of creations.”

John Galliano 2010.

“Perfume is the finishing touch to any dress”.  Dior understood that fashion was not simply the dress but the shoes, the perfumes, the bags and the brand.  He was a pioneer.

When you are finished with one side, you walk across to the other and enter this room.  Each of these pieces is from designers who at one time or another were part of Christian Dior.

Then you go through a series of rooms with pieces from designers who led Dior for years.  This is YSL.


Raf Simmons

Maria Grazia Chiuri.

This room is the Ateliers.  There is even a woman with a sewing machine in one corner

A long corridor with some classic pieces.  Love this hat.

This last room is over the top.  Filled with pieces from the years.  Each designer who had led the house has been true to the brand.  That is what is so incredible.  You can see the influences of his early work on each of them.  Nobody went off on their own but kept to the core of what makes Dior, Dior and all of the designers went on to create their own successful brands. This quote certainly defined the room, ” My dresses make a princess of every woman.”

We spent almost 3 hours there.  It was breathtaking but also full of information.  Lunch was certainly in order.  Close to the museum is an area that is filled with Asian restaurants from Japanese to Vietnamese.  We went to Chez Miki.  Everything was so good but the top of the charts was the foie gras sushi.

There are two different rooms that are not connected.  One is more of a bar and the other is the restaurant.  We went to the bar because the restaurant was full.  When we went to pay our bill I noticed that this is an all women owned and operated restaurant.  I mentioned it to the chef and the manager, they smiled and said: “So cool, right?”.

We left the 2nd and went over to the 10th to the Du Pain et des Idees.  I loved this guy in front who had set up shop as there is always a line at this bakery, selling his meats.

I have been to this bakery before and it is well worth going  This soft yet crusty brioche was made with marrons.  Never had anything quite like it.  We got a few other things that they are known for but this was calling out our name.  It was warm when we got it and we had what was left of it the next morning for breakfast.  Divine.  Keep in mind the bakery is closed on the weekends  We continued through the neighborhood before heading back for just a short rest pre-dinner.



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  1. awaldstein

    Such joy and shared inspiration in this post.That is always something special.

    1. Gotham Gal

      i hope it comes to NYC.

      1. pointsnfigures

        Or maybe just Foie gras sushi.

  2. Sofia Papastamelos

    WOW! Looks like it was an amazing exhibit. Love the heritage of the fashion house and where Maria has been taking it for the modern Dior woman.

  3. Julie Lerner

    Was an amazing exhibit, so well-curated and interesting. Such an elegance to those dresses, especially from the 50’s. Thank you for more food picks. Going into my Paris in July folder.